The Honorable and Legendary Mr. Brett Favre
United States of America

Mr. Favre, since 1992 you have been a tremendous asset to the Packers organization. Your skill and passion for not only the game, but also for the team, the great state of Wisconsin, and the adoring Green Bay Packer Fan Base has been amazing and apparent.

You have set yourself apart in football history as a legend not only to the game, but also to the Packers Organization.

However, on the cusp of a playoff season and a division championship, it is the belief of we, the undersigned, that the 2007 season should cap an amazing 16 years of Packers excellence.

We believe that it is time for the Packers organization to focus on the next generation of Packers excellence.

Hence, we the undersigned, call on you, Mr. Brett Favre, to announce your retirement from the quarterback position with the Green Bay Packers.

We hope that you continue to mentor Mr. Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the blessed Packers offense so that the heart and soul of the midwest can still reverberate loudly from Green Bay.

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