Senator John McCain
United States of America

Tell Senator McCain to support conservative principles.

Not Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama.

Dear Senator John Sidney McCain III,

Many conservatives have great concerns over your political views. While you should be praised because of your tough stance against Islamic fascism, reducing government spending, having a generally pro-life voting record and supporting school choice, many of your policy positions raise serious concerns with the conservative base in America.

Conservative Republicans who follow the principles of Ronald Reagan, ask the following of you shall you have the privilege to be elected President of the United States. If not then we will vote for a conservative third party candidate in the 2008 general election.

1. You will be a pro-life President. You will support parental notification and a ban on Partial-Birth Abortion. If given the opportunity, you will appoint a pro-life justice to the United States Supreme Court, who will be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Rade. If it would come to your desk, you will support the Human Life Amendment. You will do everything in your power to reduce - if not ban - abortions in the United States.

2. You will support Across-the-board tax cuts on businesses and the middle class. You will work to remove small hidden taxes like the marriage tax and the Death Tax. You will make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent.

3. Senator McCain, we all know that you support environmental protection. That's fine, many conservatives believe that the environment is important. You will embrace market based solutions to environmental problems. Wail still protecting property rights.

4. Senator McCain, you will strongly support the Second Amendment to the constitution. You will protect sportsmen's rights by vetoing any restrictions on firearms.

5. You will not support any form of universal health care. You will support tax-deductible health costs, and tax credits for personal Health Savings Accounts.

6. Most conservatives believe that illegal immigration is a serious problem. You will Tighten border security with stricter immigration enforcement provisions and deport illegal immigrants. You will not give social security benefits to illegal aliens or support a guest worker program.

7. Senator McCain, if you believe marriage is between a man and a woman, you will support and sign a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages.


Concerned Conservatives

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