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Amongst our Port management team we have 300 years of McDonald’s experience. Our people are at the heart of our business and as a nationally accredited training organisation we strive to provide all of our people with the flexibility they require at different life stages, as well as training and skills that will serve them well wherever their future decisions take them.

We do, however, take the issue seriously. Since the early 2000s McDonald’s has not only looked to provide choice - including healthier options - but to improve the nutritional value of all menu items. Examples include a change to low sugar (less than 5%) buns in 2004 and the change to a vegetable oil blend in 2004 which removed 9000 tonnes of saturated fat from the food industry. The subsequent move to a next generation canola oil blend removed more than 415 tonnes of trans fat from the Australian food supply.

Stripping away the misconceptions, we are a family restaurant that provides food and non-alcoholic beverages in a safe and comfortable environment.

As part of our development application to council planning experts, we have included independent traffic and acoustic reports which we encourage those in the community who have concerns about these issues to view.

A litter free environment is something we’re passionate about and we take every opportunity to remind our customers of the need to dispose of their litter thoughtfully. We also have a Litter Patrol Program in place which is a structured, regular task for our crew, and involves them picking up all litter from the restaurant grounds and its vicinity.

We fully intend to remain an engaged and proactive neighbour, and hope to receive your continued support moving forward.

We, the undersigned, pledge our support for the construction of McDonald's at crn Greenmeadows & Ocean Drive Port Macquarie NSW 2444.

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