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I like World of Warcraft and want to play more of it without the billing or the Subscription for it to play and without the requirements of a Credit card because I don't have one.

I want this version of the game to keep everthing that was on the game to begin with.

The more you sign this petition its going to happen.

Keep on signing!!

We, the Players of the game World of Warcraft, call on Blizzard Entertainment to make this game for players who don't have a Credit card and who don't want to be billed. They should make a Single Player Game without the Billing or the Subscription. It would make Blizzard happy and the gamers happy too.

And do other things in the game. I'm Not Trying to Destroy it, im trying to make it better for the Gamers who want to play it without the hassle and Fustration.

Signed the Undersigned

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