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1. Bring One Direction to Ireland

They are always in America. Bring one direction to Ireland!

2. Help Savannah Outen get a Verified Account on Twitter

I need a Verified Account on my new Twitter to help stop people from trying or creating fake Twitter pages of me. To help stop fakers from trying to pretend.

Twitter Team declined my request for a Verified Account three times for no reasons.

3. Support zoning for expansion of community facilities by New Hope United Church of Christ

The City od Norfolk is trying to rezone property located at 115 E. Liberty Street. The property is currently zoned as Commercial and they are trying to rezone it to Residential for the purpose of building eight (8) single family homes.

The rezoning of this property will prevent the future expansion of New Hope United Church of Christ.

4. jonasbrothers illinois campaign

people here in illinois are trying to get the jonas brothers to come and perform in illinois since they havent yet and we would really like to see them perform here sometime

5. Save Cal Grants

Cal Grants are awarded to older, low-income and higher acheiving students who are returning to school.

The new budget proposals are trying to cut out the Cal grants.

6. Stop Cloned Meat or Milk (and byproducts)

Ok, so I'm not trying to preach to the world that ingesting animals is wrong....

By my own choice I try to eat meat as little as possible, due to some graphic
violent videos I've seen on how cruel Food Manufacturing Workers, are to the
animals that we do eat. To each their own.... right?

However, what really bothers me, is that now the FDA has approved cloning of
meats and allowing Biotech Firms, such as Viagen and Trans Ova Genetics of
Sioux Center, the 2 major firms in the U.S. involved, to integrate meats and
milk from these genetically identical cattle and other livestock, into our grocery
stores and restaurants, without having to label them???!!!!! Yes, we know
FastFood Restaurants are bad for us, but at least we are informed of their risks,
and we have the choice to eat it or not..... when this cloned meat, milk and its
byproducts (which includes, cheese, yogurt, icecream... and the many other
products derived or which include milk as an ingredient) are being allowed to be
intermingled with the real?

Astronomically, it really limits what we can knowingly or "safely," purchase or
ingest. I mean yes, there is always organic, however realistically, that is not as
easily accessible or affordable to the majority of the nation, which pretty much
leaves many with no choice.

Even as a very sporadic meat eater, I have a huge problem with this cloned
meat infiltration approved by the FDA. I have many friends and family, people
whom I care about and love that eat meat almost everyday.... I do not have a
problem with anyone choosing to eat meat, but I have a problem that they no
longer have a choice in where their meat comes from. And even, if I'm not
talking about "meat" itself, milk and the other byproducts are a staple in the
diet of many people in this country.

Cloned animals such as "Dolly the Sheep,"died prematurely of severe lung
disease and also suffered from arthritis at an unexpectedly early age.... and
even few cloned babies that appear to be normal at birth, we will have to wait
up to 20 years to make sure they are not going to have problems later, ie)
growing old too fast. Even a string of "healthy" clones produced, there is a
likelyhood that many clones born in the future may have severe medical
problems, as everytime a clone is made, it is like "throwing the dice." And yet,
that is what these Biotech Firms and the FDA are claiming is safe for us to put
into our system.

Though we may not see the possible effects of this in our generation, it breaks
my heart to even think about what birth defects, diseases and such, may
plague our generations to come.

And one also has to wonder..... why are we cloning meat to eat? Cloning is
actually is expensive and an extensive and time-consuming procedure, have we
injected and feed our livestock so many chemicals, anti-biotics, and hormones
that they are no longer able to reproduce on their own? It's not even so much
that my concern is that humans seem like they playing god, but in my opinion,
it seem very much like we keep sweeping the effects of us tampering with
nature under the rug and pretending that in our own little secretly, health
harming world, is nothing more than "perfect" and medically and technologically
advanced, instead of trying to solve the real problems.

7. Stop NAIS

NAIS stands for National Animal Identification System.

NAIS is trying to be passed by the federal government. This will make anyone who has animals to register their property and their animal. At our expense. This is to make sure that there stopping animal diseases brakes out.

This also stops anyone from taking there pets off there property. If you go to the Vet your vet has to disclose if your animal is contagious or not. If so they are supposed to confiscate and destroy. You have to have promotion from the government to take you animal to the vet.

If you show your pet in FH or FFA you have to have promotion to do that as well. They want you to micro chip or brand your pets. They are going as far as micro chipping rodents and chickens. It has been proven that micro chipping causes cancer in animals. Some animals it would be very hard to micro chip let alone brand.

What this will do if it passes is most people will get rid of there pets do to expense. This will also stop 4h programs and FFA programs. A lot of these programs help keep kids off the street and out of trouble.

It will put grain growers, farmers and hay growers out of business. Vets and horses ferriers will be out of business. Our economy as we know it will be destroyed. The government is already trying to enforce NAIS in Kentucky, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

8. Justice in Gang Realated Cities of the United States of America

Many of us say that our city is wonderful, those who live in a good environment. But has anyone really thought about what its like for people to live is fear in their homes?

Personally my family is in danger because they are looking for justice, many of their neighbors can’t say anything because if they do they themselves will get in trouble by gang members. And for a person that is trying to get a lot of people to understand that not all the police officers are working their most, I'm not saying anyone police officer in particular, there are people that are trying to help but not enough.

My sister had to look herself for her stolen property, she called the cops and finally they got some one arrested for violating her property, yet one was released on the same day.

I know I’m not the first to bring this up but we really need to get it together, because there are people getting killed trying to support and take care of their families.

9. World of Warcraft single player Version free

I like World of Warcraft and want to play more of it without the billing or the Subscription for it to play and without the requirements of a Credit card because I don't have one.

I want this version of the game to keep everthing that was on the game to begin with.

The more you sign this petition its going to happen.

Keep on signing!!

10. keep JROTC in SF

JROTC has been a part of the San Francisco high schools for about 90 years, but as of November 14, 2006, the school board has decided to take it away from the high schools. The main concerns against JROTC is about the war and how JROTC is related to the ARMY. However, what people lack is knowledge and experience in the program.

Although JROTC is based on the ARMY, JROTC is a totally different program than what is learned in the ARMY and ROTC in college. It is true that we march, drill, and learn some ARMY values, but this is by no means a place of recruitment.

There is commitment like any other sports team, responsibility like a summer job, leadership like student government, community service like a volunteer club, first aid and CPR. Most importantly, there is a sense of family-- a bringing of everyone together.

"JROTC has been more than just a place of leadership, teamwork, camarderie, skill, safety, etc... This is what I'm good at. This program makes me want to be responsible, want to be a leader, and want to care for others. JROTC is for me. NOT THE MILITARY." (Vienna Luu)

For the SF school board to take away JROTC from SF high schools in the future would be ripping our family apart. There is no other program of my knowledge that has all of these features combined.

"Our opponents cling to 15 year old statements and glittering generalities as evidence, while we have over one and half thousand current tales, and literally piles of books and documentation in our favor. Yet these few attackers, most of whom have no connection with the educations system, are given equal credibilty." (Daniel Chin and David Ziman)

11. Save Quizmania and Make it Longer

August 1, 2006

This petition is designed to support the show QuizMania, hosted up-late on channel 9. With amazing depth and a class that can not be described in words, this show is revolutionising how we watch television.

We are trying to keep QuizMania on air, trying to extend the show time to a 4hour show, and want to see more of Cheryl(our favourite host).

12. Investigate disappearance of Ruth Sharon Hoffman

February 11, 2006

A daughter's plea

Ruth Sharon Hoffman disappeared from River Rouge, Michigan, nearly TWENTY years ago.

Her only daughter,Debbie, has NEVER given up trying to find her.

We are now asking the State Attorney General of Michigan to open an COMPLETE investigation.

13. Take Racism off The Radio

Star and Timothy Joseph, self proclaimed, Original Haters of the Star and Buc Wild radio show, which is broadcast on multiple stations nationally, has downgraded radio talk since their arrival in early 2000.

Their attempts to capitalize on degrading, racial commentary are not acceptable or entertaining. Our citizens are not niggers, crackers or wetbacks and we should not have to tolerate being classified as niggahs, bitches, hoes, or poor white trash.

The lots of us are diverse, upstanding, intelligent, respectful citizens who are trying to cultivate, unify and elevate our nation as a whole. At 6:00 am when our young scholars are heading to school, Star and Buc Wild are polluting the air waves in an attempt to signify that it is ok to classify people in racial stereotypes and degrade women of all backgrounds.

The message needs to be sent out that no matter what your ethnic background is racism is not acceptable.

14. Get more bands touring Townsville!

I have been trying to get bands like Greenday, Jet, Deltra Goodrem, Ozzy osbourne, Simple Plan and others. I'm also trying to get the Ozzfest tour to come to Australia but none of the tour companys want to help or reply to my emails.

That is why i need your help to get them to tour here in the townsville area and get Ozzfest in Australia.

15. Keep Kevin in mdw

Kevin Young has been the core drummer of local hxc band my dying wish, after a year of struggling my dying wish has started to make an impact on the hxc world.

Because of Kevin's success in my dying wish another band (name not listed for safety reasons) is trying to take kevin for their own.

Keep my dying wish alive sign this petition, to let kevin know we care.


I am trying to get people to sign this petition so that we can get a Sims 2 Demo!

17. Project BNET - Fixing BNET

We are trying just to fix the major technical flaws within BNET. By NO MEANS are we suggesting that the actual game itself be changed- especially the addition of the great new hero, the Goblin Tinker.

18. Changing the statuatory rape law in Vermont.

I am trying to get signatures for a petition to change the current statuatory rape/sexual assault on a minor laws in the state of Vermont. Currently my nephew is incarcerated for 2-15 years for a sexual assault on a minor charge when he was 19 and the minor girl was close to her 16th year birthday. He has been sentenced to 2 years to serve with a 15 year sentence suspended which he will have to remain on probation and register as a sex offender. He can not even be allowed around his nieces and nephews.

Some states have a clause in their law to state that within a 4-5 year age difference, sex between willing participants falls within the law. So many young men have lost their lives either behind bars or through having to register as a sex offender for something that was consensual. I am trying to help these individuals. If my nephew served the 2 years and it was over that would even be more understandable. However he has to register as a sex offender which means that any neighborhood he moves to when he is allowed out of prison is a set up for failure.

19. Bring Invader Zim to Cartoon Network

May 19, 2004

Back in 2002 The best show on Nick was taken from us. Invader Zim by Jhonen Vasquez is a MUCH loved cartoon.

I would like to see some progress made on trying to bring it back other than trying to get Nick to do it.

Cause they don't care about their audiences enough to bring back everyones favorite cartoon!

So I'm petitioning that we ask cartoon network to bring it back!

20. Fight Against Cruelty to Animals at Emperor Valley Zoo

I recently visited the Emperor Valley Zoo and it was more like the Valley of Death than an actual zoo. I was saddened by this situation and ever since I have been trying to see what can be done.

Emperor Valley Zoo - Zoo or Animal Graveyard? I have not been to the zoo for years and was expecting to see huge roaring lions, playful monkeys, dears and all the other unusual animals. As I wondered around the zoo, I got more than what I expected, the adrenalin rushed to my head my heart started pounding and my body became frigid with shock, not did I only get to meet the animals but their valley of death. These animals are not only kept there for the viewing pleasure of the public, but also to be tortured, mistreated, harmed, abused and neglected! My eyes were suddenly filled with tears, trying to picture myself in these poor animals places, and it hurts, just thinking about it. The animals just like every other human being has feelings too. It makes you question, why have a zoo, why have zookeepers, why display pain to the public and most important of all why have a Minister of Environmental issues. Does any of this make sense? Does our country only consist of people? All those that are part of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago should walk with their heads down in shame, because they have to be mentally sick to have the heart to ill-treat animals. You would have to be a HATER!

I have visited several countries and it's so nice to see how wholesome their environment is, almost makes you want to stay, and then I begin to think about driving through the streets of our islands as I am then escorted by stray dogs, dead dogs, vagrants and much more. Oh how proud I am of my country and my government. A government is put in place to take charge of the country and I do believe that it includes caring for all environmental matters and a lot of this begins at the zoo. The government thinks that they are making the every attempt to get rid of crime, but they themselves along with those that are involved with the environment department fail to realize that they are criminals too! They are individuals that do not see animal cruelty as a problem.

There should be animal cruelty laws, are there? If you look at the channel 39 on cable (Animal Planet), there is a program especially dedicated to deal with animal brutality, they literally arrest and press charges against people who can’t look out for animals. They take the animals away from them and carry them to an animal hospital, where they are treated with care and then carried away to homes where they can be loved.

Can you actually tell me you go to the zoo and enjoy looking at sick animals? I have seen with my own eyes animals that are meant to live an aquatic life, live without water and if there is water, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for months, since the moss seems to enjoy it more than the animals. It took me five minutes to find the dears, which were all cuddled up in a corner of their water-less den lying on the not so freshly cut grass looking as though they were on the verge of death. As for the three lions or maybe just two with one looking like a corpse, at least that is what it looked like, were trapped with an already eaten, but rottening bone. So very few lions we have, wonder if these strong, as they are known to be, creatures have the strength to even mate. Yes, it’s that bad, unbelievable but true. The visitors of the zoo on the other hand and the zookeepers I must add, had to enjoy a great deal of the foul smell, coming from the monkey’s cages. From what I gathered, this zoo will eventually be an “Animal’s Cemetery” Animals need to be nurtured, meaning to take care of, for those that don’t know. I just had to give the meaning of that word, because a lot of us really do not know.

This is not only a letter of complaint, but a plead to please fill these animal’s bowls with water, cut the grass, give them a need to run around in their dens, swim in their ponds, feed them, clean their homes, this has been their homes for quite some time, shower them love and attention, give them life and a chance to create a life. I would also like everyone to know that I am not stopping here; I am going to continue pleading until all this comes to a stop, by gathering those that are willing to help fight against this terrible situation, by addressing the Minister of Environment and others associated and I urge you to do your part to bring this to an end.

Fighting Against Animal Cruelty,

21. "No" to Mississippi Education Budget Cut

Mississippi is voting to cut the education budget by $16 million. As we are number number one in illiteracy, highschool drop-outs and teen pregnancy in the country, how can the government consider trying to cut education?
The State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Henry Johnson states "In order to move Mississippi forward, education must be our first priortity. Today's children are the workforce and leaders of tomorrow."

22. Neopets Secret Avatar Listing In Lookups

This is a new petition that the people of Neopia are signing to put how many secret avatars and which ones they have in their user lookups. If you would like to help get this done please sign your name and your user names! So Adam Powell/Neopets Staff may see that this is not a matter of one person trying to get attention...

23. Petition to eliminate PORN BOTS from Yahoo Chat

I'm sure you all have gotten those annoying messages from BOTS trying to get you to visit their porn sites. And I am VERY sure you along with myself find it extremely annoying to be trying to have a conversation with your friends or family to have it abruptly interrupted by a nasty ad such as "lisahot_weebcomsex87: cum watch me play with my ***** http://sdlhSexxxy.html"

YAHOO obviously has not done anything about this and it seems that the PORN BOT problem is gradually getting worse. I myself timed the breaks between porn ads and the average time was around 7 seconds (depending on room).

Therefore I have decided to start a petition to tell YAHOO that something needs to be done NOW about all of the porn bots flooding the chat rooms. Whether it be a new registration that would make it extremely difficult to make dummy accounts that are used to create these bothersome bots. Or have it to where there would have to be some kind of email conformation in order to create a new user ID.

Never the less, I r_a_v_e_n_859 ask everyone that has ever been annoyed with these bots to sign this peition and tell YAHOO in voice that were sick of this and want action to be taken to remove the graphic ads made by these bots plauging out chat areas.


24. Sop the exploitation of Child Labor

Hi, my petition is to stop Child Labor, particularly in developing countries, because many people are dieing. Children cannot work for fourteen hours non-stop. They only get paid a little if lucky and some children don't even get paid. Most children are trying to pay off loans that their parents own to others. Please sign my petition so I can show everyone that all of you agree to my thought. Thank You For Your Time And Support.

Please help all the children and stop child labor. Please sign the petetion.

25. State of Maine's third lane law for truckers

The State of Maine the way Life should be.

This moto is changing with new laws trying to be passed by the State of Maine. It is becoming a discriminating state if they allow the law for trucks to stay right to be passed. Take a look at other states and how the left lane law has affected them. Traffic is impaired worse than Maine's. The only thing slowing us down are the toll boths.

26. Unfreeze My Neopets Account!

I lost 2.7 million Neopoints..A fire pb and loads of rare Items..They accused me of scamming and I never did!!! EVER!!!! I really hate the neopets team..They are hard as stone. :( I emailed neopets and they emailed back an auto machine message and never unfroze my account!!!!! Its sick...I dont like them at all! Plz help by donating or trying to get my account unfrozen if you like! :):( The account name was whozat116...My new account is Lost_Girlisious Please Sign Petition!!!!!

27. Save the Music in our Schools

I've overheard that congress or the white house are trying to take the music classes out of school. I am still a student in grade school but music is a very big part of my life and I throughly enjoy going to music classes. So please save the music and help keep music in schools. They already took prayer out of the schools now they're trying to take music out. My grandmother goes to the Governor's Mansion every year and she'll be able to give the petition to the Governor, and the Governor can get the pettion to his brother, Mr. President George W. Bush. So please sign my petition. Thank you.

28. Scream 3 Tour.......Why Not Nazkar

Hello everybody my name is josclyn and i thought that since everybody is trying to get nazkar on the scream 3 tour i might up the chances a little! I am also makin a petiton no im not trying to steal the other girls idea i think it was a great one! Now this is what is up Nazkar is a Hot rapper his lyrics are crazy! He is really cute and he has alot of fans! We would like to see him on Scream 3 Tour with B2k,Nick Cannon,MH,Mario,and Jhene!But thats not it!Scream 3 Tour has not shown a list that tells that they will be in New Jersey! Fans from NJ have to search for a way to get to NY and thats unfair so I think that they should also come to NJ and show love to their fans!

29. Save Fudgie The Whale!!!!!!

The save fudgie the whale petition is trying to fund the Carvel ice cream company wich is probably going to out of buisness soon. If so, The greatest icecream cake ever created will be lost forever because Mr. Carvel never told anyone the secret recipe. He died last year and the secret was lost. The fudigie's you see in stores were made six to eight years ago and have been in the freezer. If this petition is not funded, fudgie will be lost forever.

30. We support Aimee Allen!!

Aimee Allen fans need to be heard. Aimee Allen is a Female Rock Singer. She is awesome. Right now there is a dispute over her album- if it is going to be released or not. Any true Aimee Allen fans need to support her. Ever since Birds Of Prey, Aimee Allen has become well known to comic fans. Her song Revolution is the best. Help support her. I'm trying to prove that she has more fans than just me.