David Cobham (Show Creator)
United Kingdom


We all remember Woof, the long running Children's TV series following the adventures of a young schoolboy who was able to transform himself into a dog. Only his best friend knew about this and had to help him protect the secret from his parents every week. What would have happened if they had found out!

Ok, so I'm sure you'll all agree the show was extremely entertaining to watch and the scrapes the boy and his friend always got into was hilarious. There were funny new ideas every week and I seem to remember they had quite a few celebrity guest appearances. They were really good quality viewing for adults as well as kids and when I was reminiscing recently, I thought wouldn't it be great if these were released on DVD so that today's children could enjoy them?

So, with that in mind I established this petition to be sent to the show's creator, David Cobham, to plead with him to release the show!

If you regularly imitated the little ginger kid scratching his nose like I did, then please sign the petition and help immortalise one of the stars of the small screen!

I would like to see the complete collection of woof episodes released on DVD.

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