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TNT and/or NBC and/or FOX

This is a sister petition to the current Campaign TPM petition titled "Calling 1 Million Pretender Fans".

After posting that petition, I became aware that many fans may be more likely/willing to pledge if they knew for certain that there really would be a Pretender movie. Therefore, I decided to create this one for all the pessimists (and optimists too) so that we can get a true idea of what fans are willing to do for a third Pretender movie.

In other words, if you sign this you are saying "Yes, I will pledge funds to a third movie if I can be sure the PTBs will make a third movie"!

We, the undersigned fans of the TV show "The Pretender" do hereby pledge that we will contribute funds towards a third Pretender movie, if TNT (or any of the PTBs) could assure us absolutely that they were going to make the third movie, to give us fans the closure we have been craving.

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