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The National News Media
United States of America

On November 4, 2008, we the American people elected Barack Obama as president based on his campaign theme of “Change We Can Believe In.” His campaign was targeted at common people who wanted a real voice in the governing of our nation, which was supported by the national media via outlets such as CNN’s “Impact Your World” among others.

However, more than eight months since President Obama’s inauguration, many of us have still not had an opportunity to be heard despite our numerous attempts. We have used outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and have contacted the media in efforts to make our voices heard and to make a difference in our lives and our nation. Yet the media has been selective in who is heard and who is not: their unwritten policy is that if you are not rich or famous, you have no right to be heard, to make a difference, or to exist.

When someone who is rich and famous, such as a politician, a celebrity, or a corporate executive, has something to say, that person is heard immediately by a wide audience. When we have something to say, we are ignored because we do not have the looks, social status, or connections to be heard.

We have been demoralized by the media’s conscious efforts to suppress our voices and to provide us with hypocritical means for us to make our voices heard, when in fact the media has no desire to enact real change other than blindly supporting the agenda of President Obama.

Current events don’t affect only the rich and famous. Current events affect us. Yet the media continues to promote elitist opinions while ignoring what we have to say. We suffer as the Silenced Majority while the rich and famous elite are given untrammelled influence and power to maintain their status while we are bound in anonymity.

Enough is enough. It’s time for action. I am appealing to you, my fellow Americans, to support me in this cause. I ask that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, join me in making ourselves heard. Tell one, tell all, about this petition, and make the media aware that we will not accept the status quo any longer.

Please sign this petition. The stakes are too high for us to remain silent.

We, the undersigned, formally demand to be heard. We demand that the national media provide us with a real opportunity to be heard by the nation, that it gives each of us a chance to present ourselves on a scale that is provided to the rich and famous, that when we have something to say, we are heard immediately.

It is unfair and illegal that the rich and famous are permitted to dominate America at our expense. We demand the media issue us a formal apology for demeaning, ignoring, and suppressing us and our voices.

In addition, we demand that the media support real change, not lip service to change, that it addresses the real issues instead of mollifying our anger with hypocritical gestures.

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