Senator Norm Coleman, Senator Collin Peterson, Senator Mark Dayton
United States of America

Saulteaux Tribe of the Anishinabe in Warroad

This is our petition for federal recognition as an injustice was done to our Tribe on June 24, 1905. Instead of getting federal recognition we received individual allotments.

We were fully functional as a Government with our own Chief and Council. Chief Aye-Ash-A-Wash signed a treaty to keep Buffalo Point, which is part of our territory and now is in Canada just five miles from Warroad, Minnesota. He was recognized as Chief and as an Indian in Canada. The United States Government did not recognize him as an Indian or Chief. When the patents arrived in Warroad, Nah-May-Puck was our Chief.

We need federal recognition because it would be the right thing to do. We need to correct an injustice that took place here in the United States. Our Tribe was called the Saulteaux Tribe of the Ojibway Indians.

Please help us get the much-needed recognition, as federal recognition would bring millions of federal dollars into the surrounding communities including Warroad, Roseau and Baudette in Minnesota.

Federal recognition would also bring Indian Health Services, Economic Development and education dollars for all of it's members.

The following will receive the petition: Senator Mark Dayton, Senator Norm Coleman, and Senator Collin Peterson.

We, the undersigned, petition for Federal recognition for the Warroad Warriors known as the Saulteaux Tribe of Anishinabe in Warroad, Minnesota.

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