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Shire of Sandstone

In 1896, George Perkins Dent (22) and his 2 friends, Wilton & Theo Hack, left the South Australian town of Stewarts Range and traveled to Western Australia to seek their fortunes on the Goldfields near Mount Magnet. They prospected in terribly hard conditions for 8 years. In 1903, they pegged a mine just a few hundred metres from the now town of Sandstone, and called it "the Adelaide". After so many years of finding nothing significant, they finally hit a vein of gold. Overnight the area was crawling with hopeful prospectors who had heard about their luck. George and the Hack Brothers dug that claim for a year and it became affectionately known as "Hacks Mine" by the locals. In early 1904, because they couldn't dig the mine any deeper without machinery, the 3 friends sold the mine to Hans Irvine for a good price and all 3 returned to farming - The Hack boys in Victoria, and George in Boyup Brook and then later at Jacobs Well near Beverley. Hans Irvine bought up other mines in the vicinity and as a whole it became known as The Black Range Mining Company. Dent and Hacks mine produced more than 930,000 ounces of gold in its 13 year history. The town of Sandstone was created because of this mine and the population it drew to the area. When Sandstone named its streets, it established both Hack Street and Irvine Street......Nothing was named for George Dent. On discovering this history, the Dent family wrote to the Shire of Sandstone to request that something be done about it. That first letter was rejected instantly. A second letter was written requesting the situation be taken more seriously, and the local MP was also contacted. Melissa Price MP called the Dent family offering her support as she agreed that George Dent had been wrongly overlooked by the small mining town. Discussions with Shire CEO Beth Walton & Later Harry Hawkins, produced reactions such as "why should we change it now, its been over 100 years" and "We cant change the Street names". The Dent family is simply trying to get George memorialised equally as the Hacks and Irvine have been. He has been overlooked for more than 100 years and the current Sandstone shire council is hesitant to fulfill this request. George Dent was equally responsible for Sandstones existence and should be equally memorialised. Hack Street is the Main street, that says alot about how highly the brothers were considered to be in the forming of Sandstone as a town - George Dent is therefore as important!!

We, the undersigned, request that the Shire of Sandstone find an equal way to memorialise George Perkins Dent, as what Hack and Irvine received, recognising him as an important part of Sandstones rich mining history.
We ask for one of the following to be agreed upon:
1. Hack Street changed to Hack & Dent Street( Apparently it cant be done as the geographical names committee will not do hypenated street names)
2. The Recreation Centre to be named 'The George Dent Recreation Centre'
3. Another suitable location, street, or building, to be offered by council and agreed to by the Dent Family.
4. A solution that equals the importance of George to the importance of the Hack Brothers.

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