Verizon DSL Services
United States of America

Residents living on John Wolford Road Waterford, Virginia, currently have no access to high speed internet services other that "dial-up" or sattellite internet.

Our modern lives now require us to access and use the internet for school, work, or leisure.

Without high speed internet at low prices, we are unable to use the many benefits that the internet has to offer.

We, the undersigned, call on Verizon Internet Services to allow the residents along John Wolford Road Waterford, VA access to the high speed internet services of Verizon.

This petition is designated to show the consent of these residents to have this high speed internet service become available to them. Verizon currently has phone lines along this road by which many residents use their home phone service.

The existing phone lines allow for Verizon to more easily extend their internet services to said consumers. The undersigned residents hereby show their consent towards gaining high speed internet access, by way of DSL, from Verizon services.

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