Catholic Church

Cardinal Njue:

-Openly supported PNU and Kibaki's policies.
-Has been against all ODM policies.
-Remained mum on the flawed electoral process.
-Failed to issue a way forward or issue a statement recommending a quick resolution to the current crisis.

Some International human rights campaigners have alleged Kenya's police are carrying out an unofficial "shoot to kill" policy. Cardinal Njue has not condemned this policy.

For the first time in Kenya's history we have a spiritual leader who appears to be taking sides.

He has failed to come out to condemn the outcome of the elections. Upto date the catholic church is the only independent body that has not issued a statement regarding the flawed elections and the way forward.

Even before the elections he came out as someone who was pro PNU and Kibaki. He has lost his credibility and we cannot have such a person heading the catholic church in Kenya at this time of crisis.

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