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1. Five Year Term Limit for Kenya's Electoral Commissioners

Calls for overhauling of the electoral body in Kenya have become almost a compulsory "campaign agenda" every time we approach general elections. Our politicians forget about the most important issues (like food security, health, infrastructure, education etc) that need to be addressed urgently to improve the impoverishing socio-economic status of the common tax payer and instead spend months on end arguing about an issue that can be resolved with a stroke of the pen in our constitution.

The best solution is to reduce the tenure period for all commissioners to five years, consequently limiting them to overseeing only a single general election. The Electoral body commissioners should be selected at least two years before the date of election to enable them take over, settle and prepare adequately for forthcoming elections. Two years after the general election (in their fifth year of service), the sitting commissioners interested in continuing with the job should re-apply alongside any other qualified and interested citizens for fresh vetting.

This will result in less polarized, more issue-based campaigns. Our politicians will stop wasting time on discussing a few people who are only employed to oversee the process involving Kenyans exercising their democratic right of electing their leaders in a free and fair manner. It will also ensure that every general election is conducted by non-partisan individuals of high integrity, accepted by majority of Kenyans as able to conduct free and fair elections.

2. Sign this Petition to Protect Religious Freedom in Kenya

We would like fellow Christians and Kenyans of good will to know that over the last 15 years, there has been a deliberate push against the Church by the government, with a view of reducing the freedom of the Christian believers in Kenya. It was seen during the Constitutional reform process, and it has raised its ugly head once again recently in the guise of the proposed rules by the Registrar of Societies and the Code of Programming for broadcasting.

You can access the Draft Laws by checking on this link:


In 7 January 2008 (IRIN) - Kenya suffered its worst humanitarian crisis since independence following the December 30 results of a hotly-contested presidential election. Opposition leader Raila Odinga and his supporters rejected the declared victory of incumbent Mwai Kibaki, alleging it was the result of rampant rigging. Protests degenerated into widespread violence as decades of economic frustration and ethnic rivalry spiraled out of control. In the days immediately after the results were announced, gangs of youths blocked Kenya’s main roads and set fire to hundreds of homes of perceived ‘outsiders’. In all, more than 1,200 people were killed and some 600,000 displaced into temporary camps, with an equal number seeking refuge with friends or relatives. Agricultural activity was seriously hampered as farmers moved away from their fields, posing long-terms risks for the country’s food security – already threatened by drought and soaring fertiliser prices. The education and health sectors were also compromised by the large-scale displacement of professionals.

After failed attempts to conduct a criminal investigation of the key perpetrators in Kenya, the matter was referred to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. In 2010, the Prosecutor of the ICC Luis Moreno Ocampo announced that he was seeking summonses for six people: Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Industrialisation Minister Henry Kosgey, Education Minister William Ruto, Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura, radio executive Joshua Arap Sang and former police commissioner Mohammed Hussein Ali—all accused of crimes against humanity. The six suspects, known colloquially as the "Ocampo six" were indicted by the ICC's Pre-Trial Chamber II on 8 March 2011 and summoned to appear before the Court.

It is not clear why the ICC wanted William Ruto to carry the cross for all the perpetrators who committed crimes against humanity in Kenya.

4. Renaming of the Jericho Soccer Field (Camp Toyoyo)

Since 1980 Jericho Soccer Grounds has brought lots of joy to many people by the sheer number of great matches, spectacular players who had passion for the game and who came from far and wide to grace the fields. They left many fans and supporters yearning for more.

A Sunday morning was never complete before a mouth watering match was witnessed on the hallowed grounds of Jericho fields.

One man who made it all possible was none other that Leonard Otieno Omar better known as Otty Fatha. He singlehandedly dedicated and volunteered his time to organize friendly matches, tournaments and other competitions.

He begun a "Jericho tradition", where every morning between 8.30am - 12pm the youth would converge at the ground for a round of training from Tuesday to Friday. And the games remain as competitive as ever.

To date, thousands can attest to his greatness. He opened opportunities for many to play soccer abroad professionally, in the Kenyan premier league (then Super league) and other local clubs. Many others acquired scholarships to play and study abroad. Others secured employment opportunities in companies that supported sports. Such was his zeal.

His ability to charm both friends and foes was unmatched. His easy going nature endured him to many many people. And they loved him. They called him "Fatha" because he treated all like a father would treat his children.

5. Kenyans For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

We are suffering increasing attacks from terrorists, kidnappers, hijackers, violent robbers, rapists, rogue law enforcement and military and other criminal networks.

We are like sheep, defenseless before the wolves. The sheepdogs entrusted with our safety and security are asleep and aloof.

Every Kenyan has a right to defend himself or herself from would-be predators using the best means and technology they can buy.

Our firearms laws are too restrictive. We are playing at a disadvantage to the evildoers. They use guns and we respond with... nothing.

We must change this now! Sign this petition and help institute a 2nd Amendment into the Kenya Constitution 2010. With more than a million signatures, we can put this matter to a referendum and win!

We need this now for our country, for the sake of our children and their children.

6. Stop Female Genital Mutilation; Promote women reproductive rights

Today, more than 20 million people die each year due to inequalities in global health. More tan 150 million people face unaffordable health care costs each year. And more than 100 million people each year are plunged into poverty.

About 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut in the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where FGM is concentrated.

If current trends continue, as many as 30 million girls are at risk of being cut before their 15th birthday. It’s no longer enough for any one group or country to take action. What we face is a global crisis that needs a global movement to end Female Genital Mutilation and promote women reproductive health.

The Barefoot Grannies are leading efforts to promote reproductive health, promote girl-child education, end Female Genital Mutilation and fistula. More information and videos here

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. In some cases, girls bleed to death or die from infections. Later in life, FGM can lead to complications in childbirth and increase the risk of the mother and/or baby dying. The practice also violates women's rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death. Its our duty to protect and observe women rights, end the social, cultural and political causes of Female Genital Mutilation and promote women’s reproductive rights.

Join us. #InspireChange.
Tell East Africa Governments to promote health equity for all, make firm commitments to end Female Genital Mutilation and hold promoters of this practice accountable.
The Barefoot Grannies works on a completely volunteer basis in order to change their communities. These are the women and grannies on the frontlines of change working to strengthen women’s rights, improve girls education, increase economic opportunity for women, and promote human rights in their communities. Join the by signing the petition and supporting their work and campaign. Copy and paste the following link is your browser

After signing the petition, support the Barefoot Grannies through this link ( ) and share the petition of facebook, twitter and blogs.

Join us on October 25 for the Day of Action: We are running one mile, JUST one Mile to remind our selves, our communities, our governments of their obligations to promote health equity and to make firm commitments to end Female Genital Mutilation. Invite a a couple of friends and Run One Mile for Health Equity , share the campaign on facebook

Please send us feedback, contact us:

7. Peter Kenneth For Nairobi Governor

Nairobi needs governor:

- with a proven track record of good public fund management evident in his CDF records in Gatanga

- with zero-tolerance of corruption

- with zero tolerance of insecurity

- with no time for tribal political games in the rural areas

- with no time for violence in the streets or his office

- with absolute respect for women


- one who is a resident

- one who has raised his children in Nairobi

- one who attended Nairobi's most successful school

- one who rose from poverty in Nairobi without stealing

- one who will develop soccer in Nairobi

- one from a small party without internal squabbles daily


most important

- one who was born and raised in Nairobi


- was the only one who paid his taxes even when Members of Parliament did not have to pay tax.

8. Stop Power outages in Mombasa County

Citizens of Mombasa County have been living in stone age, suffering and business losses, following daily power outages which sometimes count to days.

It's time to force the Mombasa County Government to act and put to an end to this once and for all.



I think in my personal opinion that the African Leaders wants to take us back into colonial period but in another angle of "BLACK COLONY". Reasons is of the issue of claims that ICC is embarrassing the Heads of States from Africa by using Kenya and Sudan cases currently at the Court. To the best of my knowledge on the Kenyan case, Uhuru Kenyatta went to the poll knowing very well that he had a case to answer and as to me I don't see ICC embarrassing him. Am of the contrary opinion that we must obey the ICC because it stands as the savior to the poor innocent Africans who are being subjected to the black colony of the current leaders in Africa.

Example is of Uganda, and Zimbabwe among others. We as Africans we must stand strong to stop our leaders in taking us back to the second colony. It is very unfortunate that they sit in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to only discuss and pass the motions which are to their own benefit while the continent is being swept away by the insecurity, poverty and lack of sustainable economical and political development.

With the spirit of Pan-Africanism founding leaders like Tom Mboya, Martin Luther Jr and others, we must rise up African and promote positive leaders. NO WITHDRAWAL FROM ICC.

10. Support a Referendum on the Recall Law and MP pay

On this day, Friday 3rd May 2013,

We, the people of Kenya—

ACKNOWLEDGING the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation:

HONOURING those who heroically struggled to bring freedom and justice to our land:

PROUD of our ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, and determined to live in peace and unity as one indivisible sovereign nation:

COMMITTED to nurturing and protecting the well-being of the individual, the family, communities and the nation:

RECOGNISING the aspirations of all Kenyans for a government based on the essential values of human rights, equality, freedom, democracy, social justice and the rule of law:

EXERCISING our sovereign and inalienable right to determine the form of governance of our country and having participated fully in the making of this Constitution:

Feel deeply aggrieved and injured by recent actions by members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Kenya and the Senate of the Republic of Kenya to agitate for higher remuneration after vying for office with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission having already gazetted their terms of service and remuneration way before they contested party nominations. We condemn the act of the legislature in being complainant, judge, witnesses, jury and executioner in their own cause for higher remuneration.

The SRC in 2013 set a new salary structure which reviewed the MPs salaries from Kshs 851,000 per month paid to the 10th Parliament (2008- 2012) to a range of Kshs 532,500 – Kshs 710,000 per month for the current parliament. This SRC process of reviewing the salaries was open and consultative and the MPs were represented in the same through the Parliamentary Service Commission. What is more, the MPs were aware of the proposed salary structure before they offered themselves for ‘leadership’ positions in the just concluded March 4th 2013 general elections. Terms of parliament run for five years. Even if an incoming parliament/national assembly has some of the members of the previous assembly, it is still a new parliament.

There is no basis for comparing the salaries set by SRC and what the 10th parliament earned. It is therefore a fallacy for MPs to argue that their salary has been slashed or reduced.

On May 3, 2013, the MP for Igembe South, Hon. Mithika Linturi filed a petition regarding the Petition for removal of the SRC commissioners for reducing their monthly pay to Sh535,500 saying it was "unacceptable." The aggrieved legislators complained that the pay is too low after it was slashed from Sh851,000 to Sh532,500 and threatened to disband the SRC and give its functions to another organ through a Motion on the floor of the House.

The aggrieved legislators are plotting to disband the salaries body and give its functions to another organ will have to get approval of Kenyans through a referendum. Article 251 of the Constitution is inapplicable in this case and to that extent, the Petition by the MP for Igembe South, Hon. Mithika Linturi is clearly misguided.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has not done anything that is contrary to this section of the constitution because it was fulfilling its mandate to inquire into and advise on the salaries and remuneration to be paid out of public funds and make recommendations on matters relating to the salary and remuneration of a particular State or public officer as provided for under the Salaries and Remuneration Commission Act Article 11.

The 10th Parliament amended the Elections Act and inserted stringent requirements that Kenyans would have to meet before their recall bid sails through. In so doing, the legislators have made it impossible for Kenyans to successfully remove unfit MPs from office.

The provisions give Kenyans a one year window during which to initiate the recall in addition to depositing Sh500,000 with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

11. Transparency in Vihiga County Executive Committee appointments

The governor, His Excellency Moses Akaranga has named his county cabinet as they await approval by the county assembly. We request the assembly not to approve the names of the COUNTY EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE members as they were not duly advertised to ensure fairness, merit and transparency.

This is a new constitution and with the devolvement of power, we need to have the most qualified people in office to raise the standards of our County. We have long lurked behind with our people being unemployed, high rates of poverty, drug abuse and high crime rates. To be a better county we need the best not political favours or buddies in key positions. We urge the County Assembly to reject the names and request the Governor to follow due process.

We need an economically, socially and politically powered Vihiga County!!!

12. Pledge peace in Kenya and the World

I want to live in a world where children can go to school without fear of violence.

Where journalists are not threatened for reporting on human rights abuses.

Where people from different backgrounds use dialogue rather than violence.

Where police can be trusted to protect citizens.

Where families are not forced to flee their homes.

13. I Support Education 4 Orphans In Kenya

"Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World"-Nelson Mandela: Back-to-School Scholarship Appeal For Mission of Hope Children's Center, Malindi-Kenya:

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP APPEAL: Universal Education For All is the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The orphaned and vulnerable children's of Milalani Village, Malindi and around the Republic of Kenya have every right to education regardless of social status.

Most orphans in Kenya are denied education rights by family or the state, and as such, Aid Kenya Foundation has taken up the responsibility to offer education scholarship to all orphans and to build them Mission of Hope Children's Center/Milalani Community School.

Foster-A-Child: Education For Orphans Sponsorship Program is a scholarship program hosted by the Aid Kenya Foundation (AKF), a humanitarian aid and development assistance foundation in Kenya, to promote education in Milalani Community, Malindi, Kenya; as well as support children and students from poor backgrounds in from rural-urban Kenya.

The program’s mission is to offer scholarships to orphaned and vulnerable children; providing post secondary education and vocational training to teenage mothers and the youth; promoting educational institutions; and building schools, vocational training centers, and orphanages in Kenya to improve education standards of orphans and secure their future and attack poverty.

We seek to link most serving children to foster families, companies, foundations, and individuals who commit to educate a child in Kenya. Foster Guardians will get files and detailed information and updates about the children they are sponsoring.

A one off or monthly sponsorship program is available for individuals, tourist, companies, organizations and corporations who can Foster Children by paying school fees of the deserving beneficiaries selected by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Sponsors can donate school tuition fees or upkeep fees in cash or in kind in the form of books, school uniforms, stationery, computers, sanitary towels, food, water, sporting gears, shoes, paint, water tanks, chairs, cabinets, tables and equipment.

The sponsors or volunteers on experiential learning can help Mission of Hope Children’s Center/Milalani Community School to renovate or build a School Library, Classroom, Dormitory, Kitchen, Dining Hall, Administration Block, Borehole, or buy a school van, motor cycle or bicycle (to improve access or transportation).


Early Childhood Education (ECD) - USD. 30
Primary - USD. 50
Secondary - USD. 78
Post-Secondary(Polytechnic/College) - USD. 105
University - USD. 187
STIC Talent Incubation(Academy) - USD. 105
AKF-PED Feeding & Nutrition Program - USD. 60
Transportation - USD.55
Books & Stationery( A School Back Pack) - USD. 40
Computer - USD. 30
Educational Trips(ElimuTours) - USD. 25

How To Make A Donation:

1. Direct Deposit or Transfers Or Standing Order Send to:
Bank Account Information:-
A/C No. : 082-1430151
Swift Code: BARCKENX
Branch: Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya

2. Western Union/MoneyGram:
Payee: Armstrong O’Brian Ongera, Jr.

We request for modest donations from individuals, diaspora, companies, ministries, volunteers, development partners (agencies) and well wishers to help achieve the Universal Education For All as a Millennium Development Goal. Donations from as little as USD 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 1000 or more are accepted.

For Donations or further inquiries reach us on E-mail: or Contact, Dr. Lady Sheila Sherwood on E-mail: or Tel. +447779617328

P. O. BOX 98283-80100,
Tel. +254 715 812 355

14. Let the Kenyan Diaspora vote

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs on 27 November 2012 informed Parliament that the Cabinet had decided that Kenyans living in the Diaspora will not be voting in the 2013 General Elections.

This was in spite of the chairman of IEBC having travelled and consulted widely over the last two years with the Kenyan Diaspora and repeatedly assuring them that they will be voting in the next elections.

H.E. the President himself during the visit to the UK in August reiterated that voting will be a reality.

The logistical, financial and time constraints that have been given as the main reason for this unfortunate occurrence are insufficient and incommensurate to the infringement of the democratic rights of Diaspora Kenyans.

We have been informed by chairman of IEBC that there are only 129,000 Kenyans registered with the Embassies and High Commissions outside of Kenya.

We now urge all Diaspora Kenyans to sign this petition to demand our right to vote and also demonstrate that there are more Kenyans in the Diaspora who are disillusioned with the Government of Kenya hence have never found the need to register with the foreign missions.

We need at least 1 million signatures.


Miguna Miguna, former adviser to Prime Minister Raila Odinga on matters of the coalition government, has written a book called Peeling Back the Mask that is critical of his ex-boss.

Over the last few months since the book came out, we've witnessed a brazen attempt to silence Mr. Miguna, with supporters of Raila Odinga resorting to violence against Miguna and even his family.

Prime Minister Odinga has not spoken to his followers to urge restrain and neither has President Mwai Kibaki acknowledged that we're witnessing a fundamental infringement on a citizen's right to free speech in broad daylight.

It's a upon you to lend your voice to this. Whether or not you agree with Miguna, please sign this petition. This level of intolerance has no place in a democracy;


16. Reform Nairobi Women's Hospital

We have been receiving lots of terrible stories about mysterious deaths at the Nairobi Women's Hospital, both mother and baby dying or patients left with life time scars, negligence and carelessness, inflated bills and many other complaints.

Our main aim is for the shut down or reform of this facility.

17. I will Vote Peacefully

This petition is created for all those who want peace in our country.

18. Fresh Elections in August 2012

Although the new Constitution stripped the president’s power to dissolve Parliament, and therefore cause new general elections, the new Constitution clearly fixed the date for the general elections for Members of Parliament, to be “on the second Tuesday in August in every fifth year.”

This date is mandatory and automatic under Article 101 of the constitution. Members of the 10th Parliament were elected—and I always use the term sparingly, given some were obviously rigged in, on December 27, 2007. The members were sworn in on that cantankerous 15th day of January, 2008, which means, the next Parliamentary elections must be on August 14, 2012, under Article 101 of the constitution (second Tuesday in August of the 5th year), counting from the date of election, not the date of swearing in.

This is the only interpretation that makes sense and, even though one other might (holding the first elections under the new Constitution in December 2012), all others must be viewed with great suspicion as mischief must be lurking underneath.
-Samuel Omwenga, lawyer and political analyst in the US

19. Stop stealing youth funds and serve us as Kenyans

We want our voices to be heard, as youths, we have been silent for decades and now we are rising up.

Our voices need to be heard, we are Kenyans and want our government to make us proud.

20. 1 Million Kenyan Signatures Calling for Amb. Francis Kirimi Muthaura, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and William Samoei Ruto to Vacate Public &/or Electoral Office

On December 15 2010, The President of the Republic of Kenya President Mwai Kibaki issued a statement after the ICC charged 6 Kenyans with crimes against humanity resuting from the 2007/2008 post election violence (PEV). In part of his statement, the President said and I quote;

"I have taken note of the announcement made this afternoon by the I.C.C. Chief Prosecutor Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo in regard to the Kenyan case.

Like other countries, our overriding desire in subscribing to international conventions is to advance our national interest both internally and internationally.
We do expect, therefore, that the International Criminal Court process will meet our expectations as a nation.

I wish to state that the people who have been mentioned have not yet been fully investigated as the pre-trial process in The Hague has only but began. They therefore cannot be judged as guilty until the charges are confirmed by the court.

Calls for action to be taken against them are therefore prejudicial, preemptive and against the rules of natural justice." end quote.

Agreement for the implementation of the CIPEV Report signed by H.E Mwai Kibaki and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga on 16 December 2008:

Article 4: Public Officers and Offices
The Parties shall ensure that any person holding public office or any public servant charged with a criminal offence related to 2008 post-election violence shall be suspended from duty until the matter is fully adjudicated upon.


Kenyans have not had peace since December 2007 when they had the last botched General elections. The current crop of members of parliament does not inspire Kenyans to love their country and have confidence in the Kenyan parliament.

Since we now have an Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and a Supreme Court that Kenyans have confidence in, it is only fair to the people of Kenya that fresh general elections are called in 2012 so that new leadership that is trusted and cherished in elected under the new constitution.



AID Kenya Foundation, a nonprofit, and humanitarian aid and development assistance charitable foundation in Kenya.

The foundation is working with local communities, and collaborative partners to build the Kitutu Community Resource Center to empower rural-urban orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC), teenage girls/mothers, and in and out of school youth in the areas of education, health-care,sports, talent development, mentorship and vocational training.

Already, The Foundation, through the Humanitarian Aid & Development Assistance Program, supports hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children and teenage mothers to access educational opportunities, shelter, health-care and psychosocial support; It further supports many teenage girls to get regular supply of sanitary towels just keep them in school and increase their self esteem; Kenya is currently experiencing a societal breakdown, where in every household, there is a teen mum some at the age of 12 with a baby or two.

The Center shall cater for OVCs and teen mums from across Kenya, and will have an a Community Outreach Program.

As a matter of urgency, the Foundation is building the Kitutu Community Resource Center/Kitutu OVC Center, with the following objectives:

1. Teaching teenage mothers on motherhood, nutrition, parenting and reproductive health;

2. Rehabilitate teenage mothers involved in alcoholism, drug and substance abuse;

3. Offer vocational trainings like tailoring, hairdressing, computers and ICT, arts, and Embroidery;

4. Create awareness on dangers and risks of teenage motherhood, HIV/AIDS and STIs;

5. Provide quality health-care to both the mother and child;

6. Distribute sanitary towels and pampers to schools, homes, and in public;

7. Offer a back-to-school reintegration program to embrace formal education by providing scholarships;

8. Provide guiding and counseling and psychotherapy;and

9. Build self-esteem, confidence and courage.

The Center will also host the Kitutu OVC Center for the kids of teen mums and support those OVCs who are enrolled in public schools supplying kids with pens, pencils, shoes, back packs, books, crayons, etc.


For feed back or volunteer, partner or donate, contact, Tel. +254 729 32 44 29 or E-Mail: or < > or .

DREAM TEAM: The following is the Dream Team Managing and Coordinating the Project:

1. Armstrong Ongera, Jr.-Executive Director
2. Patricia Kadesa- Project Manager
3. Melissa Cheruiyoti- Corporate/PR/ Communications Manager
4.Seba Nyakundi-Program Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
5. Sheila Shinto- PA & Chief of Staff


1. MPESA-0729 32 44 29


AID Kenya Foundation
P. O. BOX 5956-00200

NOTE: A volunteer or supporter, can donate time, and expertise, in creating awareness about the Center, as well as mobilizing resources, or volunteering on the ground.


Any Voluntary Donations can be sent by WU or wire transfer to the following Bank Account:-

A/C No. : 082-1430151
Swift Code: BARCKENX
Branch: Haile Selassie Avenue,Nairobi,Kenya

23. Nancy Baraza Must Go

We have all seen and heard the lack of judgment and untoward behaviour from one of the highest regarded and supposedly custodian of the Kenyan Constitution and Law.

It is for this reason WE say such bad manners and behaviour will NOT NOW or in the near FUTURE be tolerated. This is the Kenya WE DO NOT WANT!

Today the Deputy Chief Justice Miss Nancy Baraza wantonly and blatantly pointed a gun to a security officer, tomorrow she will fire it and it could be YOU on the receiving end!!

Such behaviour WILL and CANNOT be accepted, sign the petition NANCY MUST GO!

24. I Support Every Vote COUNT Project 2012

Kenya National Youth Association (KeNYA) is a national voluntary, nonpartisan, and membership-based empowerment organization whose mission is to “Serve the Nation and empower the in and out of school youth with skills and know-how as well as teach and engage them in creativity, innovation, volunteerism and civic education in the areas of democracy, human rights, entrepreneurship, independence, peace and non-violent conflict resolution, and to combat negative ethnicity in rural-urban Kenya’’.

Under the Kenya Democracy Project(KDP),a program Promoting Peace, Community Service, Interdependence & Non-violent Conflict Resolutions, KeNYA and partners are implementing a Civic and Voter Education Project /Every VOTE Count Project (GOTV Campaign) with an overarching and overriding goal of educating the youth about the Constitution, Voter Registration, and Voting Rights. We believe that for Kenya to avoid violence, the votes of every voter must be counted, and that the process must be free and fair.

Furthermore, the citizenry including the Kenyan Diaspora, must be fully educated about the elections, and the electoral laws and rules that will govern the Electoral Process for Presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, Parliamentary, and Women/County Representative seats.

Effectively, KeNYA has embarked on the 12 Month (January 1-December 31 2012 Period) Every VOTE Count Project 2012 (GOTV Campaign), where we shall educate everyone about the electoral process, without bias, partisanship, or inclination, beginning with a Petition:

‘We, the Undersigned members of Kenya National Youth Association (KeNYA), partners, and the stakeholders, call upon the free and patriotic citizens of the Republic of Kenya, the Government, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), to conduct a FREE and FAIR Elections in 2012 General Elections, free of violence, with sufficient CIVIC EDUCATION, and where EVERY VOTE will be COUNTED, including that of the YOUTH, WOMEN, DISABLED, and most important, that of the Kenya Diaspora, in the eyes of the Civil Society, Local and International OBSERVERS’’

For partnership, membership, or volunteerism, contact:

Executive Director/Coordinator
Kenya National Youth Association (KeNYA)
P. O. Box 5956-00200, Nairobi-KENYA

Tel. + 254 722 233 234
E-Mail: or
Skype: Kenya_1Flag
<<<>>Pamoja Tutashinda!>>>>

25. Kenya Diaspora Right to Vote

Per the New Kenyan Constitution
Section 82(1): Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for—(e): the progressive registration of citizens residing outside Kenya, and the progressive realization of their right to vote.

Kenya’s newly elected Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission board recently visited Kenya Diasporans in the USA. In the various cities they visited, the Chief Electoral Officer ( CEO ) James Oswago, repeatedly pointed out that the purpose of their trip was to pick Diaspora minds on how to move forward with the voting process for the Diaspora since the new constitution gave Kenyan citizens outside the country the right to vote. The ironic thing is that he would then be followed on the podium by chairman Isaack Hassan, who would sing a totally different song and instead of trying to pick Diaspora minds, would go right into declaring what they felt was the best way for Diaspora Kenyans to vote.

He ruled out online voting and several other methods and seemed firmly set on stating that they would recommend Diaspora Kenyans travel to vote at the Embassy and consulates in Los Angeles and New York. He also mentioned that the Embassy officials would act as voting agents. He also said diasporans would only be able to vote for the presidential race and not any other races. If implemented, this process will hinder free and fair elections by Kenyans in the Diaspora for several reasons, two main ones are mentioned below:

*In the USA, the average cost of travelling to any of the said cities, along with accommodation will be upwards of USD $500. This process will have to be done twice: For voter registration and for voting. This in essence prevents any Kenyan citizen without approximately $1000 USD to spare from voting, which means the election is NOT free. Outside the USA, there are several other large countries with large Kenyan populations that will face the same dilemma e.g. Canada, India, Australia, e.t.c.

*Ambassadors to the Kenyan Embassy and missions are political appointees. Having them serve as voting agents would be a conflict of interest and this does not promise a FAIR election process

Per the constitution:

Section 82 (2): Legislation required by clause (1) (d) shall ensure that voting
at every election is—
(a) simple;
(b) transparent; and
(c) takes into account the special needs of—
(i) persons with disabilities; and
(ii) other persons or groups with special needs.

All the above would be violated if they proposed a measure to require Kenyans to fly to the 3 states to register and vote.

When these concerns were brought up, the IEBC board then resorted to using different tools of manipulation by playing with the word “Progressive” which is used in the constitution clause. In essence, the word progressive was now being used as a weapon, as he said that the term progressive gave them the power to rule out any process they felt could not be implemented within the time frame they have.

What this means is that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission can wake up tomorrow and give the minimal effort to enable diasporans to vote, and say that it will be a progressive progress, as long as at least a small bunch can vote in 2012. Their words seem to hint at them planning to do just that, hence the ridiculous suggestions that hundreds of thousands of Kenyans converge on a tiny embassy or consulate on a single day to cast a vote in an election overlooked by a political appointee.

We REJECT this attempt at manipulation of the constitution to deny us our right to freely and wilfully vote.

We demand that the Kenyan Government explore all options available to ensure the most convenient voting process is set up, preferably online voting. If online voting cannot be implemented and we have to resort to specified Diaspora polling stations, there should be a process in place to ensure that polling stations are conveniently spread out in accessible locales where Kenyan citizens living abroad can travel to vote without incurring any expenses. For the USA, some of these cities (which have large populations) include:
Dallas, Tx
Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA
Kansas City, MO
Colombus, OH
Seattle, WA
Other diaspora cities across the world TBD

The Kenya govt can swear in voting officers from the hundreds of thousands of diaspora abroad if need be. Do not deny us our right to vote


-Kenya Diaspora Vote- Facebook group
-aKtive: Kenyan American Advocacy Group
-Kenyans 4 Change
-Kenya Diaspora Alliance

26. Kenyans Against Piece-Meal Alterations of our Katiba by the Executive and Legislatives arms of the Government of Kenya

The sidelining by Cabinet and the National Assembly of Kenya of the Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution, whose duties are clearly defined and enumerated in Article 262 of the Constitution (Sixth Schedule on transitional and consequential provisions) and was established by the Constitution to among others act as the peoples watchdog in ensuring the constitutionality of all supporting legislation while acting as liaison between non-state actors and the state, is mischievous, in bad faith and an affront on our sovereignty and will as the people of Kenya, and the supremacy of the Constitution of Kenya.

27. Kenyans against the Rising Cost of Living

The Cost of Living in Kenya has been on the rise for the past few months. However, with the recent hike in fuel prices, the situation has gotten worse really fast.

Food prices have skyrocketed and people can no longer afford the same meals they had just a few weeks ago. Bus fares have gone up and people are now being forced to walk to work.

The Government needs to curtail the rising cost of living.

28. Stop the deportation of Peter Gichura

Disability rights activist Peter Gichura, who has lived in Croydon, UK since 2001, has received a Removal Order from the Home Office, which will force him to return to Kenya and leave the life he has built in the UK.

Despite the difficulties Peter has faced as an asylum seeker, he has spent his time positively, successfully completing NVQ level 4 in accounting and doing voluntary work and activities with Payday men’s network, WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities), Leonard Cheshire Disability, Westminster Action Network on Disability, and his local church. Peter is an active and well-respected member of his local community, with many friends and networks in the UK.

Peter was instrumental in establishing a disabled persons’ organisation in Kenya, advocating for the rights of disabled street sellers. He fled in 2001 to escape anti-Kikuyu persecution against disability activists.

Whilst in the UK, Peter has made good use of his skills, by being involved in campaigns to improve access to public services for disabled people, including London buses.

Peter has made a significant contribution to the disabled people’s movement in the UK. As an asylum seeker, he was detained in Harmondsworth in 2006, without accessible washing and toilet facilities, not given the correct medication, and subjected to painful body searches. With the support of WinVisible and Payday, Peter challenged the Home Office and Kalyx, the company that runs Harmondsworth detention centre, using the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

In May 2008 the Court of Appeal made a precedent ruling on his DDA case -- that all disabled people in custody before December 2006 do have the protection of anti-discrimination legislation.

During the plane journey to the UK in 2001 Peter was manhandled, causing his spinal injury to worsen. He has gone from using crutches to using a wheelchair, and relies on medical treatment without which he would die. In 2006, he applied for asylum on that basis: "As someone with spinal injury I am vulnerable to chronic kidney infection and need sanitary living conditions to survive – but there is no running water where I am from in Nyahururu, Kenya. I cannot afford medical treatment – and there is no free healthcare." Expert evidence confirmed this but was ignored, and Peter’s claim was turned down.

Removal now would put Mr Gichura’s health and life at serious and immediate risk.

Above all, Peter has built his life in the UK, has contributed to society through his active commitment to voluntary and community groups. Peter has the skills and experience that will help him to build a career, he has a job offer, and will thus be able to support himself financially if he is given leave to remain in the UK.

29. Register Environmental And Biosystems Engineering

Whereas universities and various technical institutes train engineering cadres, registration and licensing is by professional bodies.

In Kenya, Engineers Registration Board of Kenya is the body mandated by law to define categories of engineers, technologists and technicians. ERB is required by law to register persons who have followed a recognized structured curriculum and have demonstrated competency in their field of engineering.

Currently there are 18 engineering programmes recognized by Engineers Registration Board of Kenya as offering opportunities towards registration, although there are 30 engineering degree programmes offered in public universities. Environmental and Biosystems Engineering is offered at the University of Nairobi but is currently not recognized by the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya.

It is terrifying to think that that universities have been admitting some of the best brains to read for five-year engineering degrees whose career paths lead nowhere because the Engineers Registration Board of Kenya does not recognize them.

30. Build Primary Schools for the children in Nairobi


We the undersigned organisations involved in the promotion of the Right to Education wrote to the Mayor, Nairobi City Council on the 18th December, 2009 appealing for intervention in the above matter. One year later, we are yet to receive any response from your office. We now publicly draw your attention once again to the following issues:

1. Despite the inception of Free Primary Education in 2003, Nairobi has the largest number of un-enrolled children save for North Eastern Province. Only 61.8% of boys and 59.7% girls are enrolled in primary schools. Lack of affordable primary schools for the poor, who live in the informal settlements, is a major contributor to this problem.

2. Despite housing over 60% of the population in Nairobi (3.1 Million people) only 23% (67 out of 203) public primary schools are available to slum communities in Nairobi - less than 5 are inside slum areas. The failure of the Government of Kenya to construct adequate public primary schools in Nairobi is distressing, given the rapid rise in population. Only 1 public school has been built in Nairobi over the last 10 years.

3. The Ministry of Education has on numerous occasions, lastly on 29th August, 2009 expressed readiness and availability of resources for construction new public primary schools in the slums of Nairobi. However, a significant inhibitor to the construction of schools, according to the Ministry of Education, is the inability or unwillingness of Nairobi City Council to allocate land.

4. The Laws of Kenya obligate the Nairobi City Council to make available land for the purpose of public schools. These Obligations are set forth in, inter alia, Cap 265 Section 144 (1) to (3) of the Local Government Act; Cap 6 Section 29 of the Physical Planning Act; Cap 211 Section 24, as read with Section 5 (2) (a) (Entrustment of Functions to Local Authorities) and the Government Lands Act.

5. Public Primary Schools remain the only guaranteed access points for receipt of government grants for the Free Primary Education Programme.

6. The provision of education services in a country is the de jure obligation of the State; construction of public primary schools being an indispensible prerequisite.

Our appeal is founded on the international legal and political obligations incumbent upon the Government of Kenya to guarantee the Right to Education by virtue of, inter alia:, Chapter 4, Part 3 of the New Constitution of Kenya, Article 4 and 28 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC); Article 13 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Part II, Section 7 of the Children’s Act; and, the Millennium Development Goal 2.

We urge you to discharge your obligation to human rights by publishing the whereabouts of public land for the construction of schools for the urban poor.