South Africa

Paper should be saved because it takes around seventeen full grown trees to make one tonne of paper. Trees, as we know, are important to maintain a balance of nature. Therefore,’ in order to save trees and prevent the impact of their loss on living organisms, we need to save paper.
This can be only done if we reduce our usage of paper.

Every day, we must use or at least be related to the paper. Without knowing it, our dependency to the paper turns out to be wasteful behavior leading to deforestation. Every 15 reams of A4 paper will need a tree. Every 7,000 pieces of newspapers people read daily will consume 10-17 forest trees. In just a day, how many millions sheets of paper are used by South African people, and this means that there are millions of forest trees are cut down to meet those needs.

So what can we do to save South Africa's forests ? If we are just 'ordinary people' who have no political power and policy that can change anything in the system, we can turn into extraordinary people by applying friendly attitude towards the forest. For example, by saving the paper because paper comes from the forest trees. Approximately, 70% raw materials to produce paper are woods from the forest.

The idea of this petition is designed to inform people, especially students on the impact of paper pollution in the environment and the way we can reduce the damage. Our main idea is to use Technology to reduce the usage of paper:
-Send and receive electronic faxes and emails rather than paper faxes.
-Set up scanners to convert paper documents into electronic documents
-Set up PDF documents so it make it easier to save onto the computer
-Select and use on screen tools to edit in your document
-Budget for multi function or all in one machines. These will save costs, energy and toxic production and end of life production.

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