#Human Rights
Upright government, economy and society advocates
United States of America

As a Christian constitutional father, engineer, author, and theoretical physicist, back bitten by our government, economy and society during a lifetime of 'family' court abuse, the author of Seventy Times American discovers the problems within these systems, and the corruptions that they have caused.

And he now has the solutions to solve these and many other problems on a national scale to save the next generation from there known consequences.

We, the undersigned, call on any and every public official to first examine their own conscience. And then, secondly, their loyalty to we the American people.

We the people petition Congress to here the Upright U.S.A. case.

First, to determine the state bar's courts fitness to stand trial and/or hearings for family matters.

Second, to charge all non-compliant (with the Constitution) bar members and government officials with acts of treason in a military tribunal.

And thirdly, to declare Marshal Law until these issues are resolved. Beause, obviously, officials serve bar members unrighteously over we the American people.

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