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Upper Space
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Upper Space was started by the Arts07 award winning Sketch City in 2007. Built over the last year and a half in an old warehouse in the cultural heart of Manchester, Upper Space is home to the region's first street art gallery space, a cafe, an event space and alternative clothing boutique.

Adopting Manchester's world renowned D.I.Y. approach to innovation and the arts, Sketch City and Marbella Cafe were joined by over 30 volunteers who gave their time and skills over the course of 6 months for the creation of a new, exciting social and artistic hub in the heart of the northern quarter of Manchester. Seeing the potential of the space and the shared ethos of the people involved, a Community Interest Company was formed that brought together Sketch City, Marbella Creative Industries and the Silverwood shop to create the Upper Space Collective. A proper grass roots venture.

Opening in February 2008, the Upper Space took the city by storm and soon developed a reputation for cutting edge events, gallery shows and promoting inclusivity to the arts across the spectrum. Having helped launch the careers of some of the regions most exciting, contemporary up and coming street artists, our aim is to promote the visual arts and the social within the city centre of Manchester and further afield.

Upper Space employees arrived to work on the 3rd of December to find the doors to the building chained and padlocked, the dispute, between the owners of the building and Sunshine Studios has resulted in Upper Space being given the options of paying 50% more rent or closing. With no forewarning being given at all to the events of the morning, Upper Space has been temporarily occupied by members of the collective until we can remove the artists work and our possessions from the building and relocate to a new premises.

We, the undersigned,

Acknowledge and support the Upper Space Collective, their temporary occupation of the building and the protection of their rights as tenants in order for them to secure their property and find a new location in which to continue to promote visual arts.

We also recognize and support the need for creative and cultural spaces like Upper Space to be allowed to continue in the city centre especially when more and more public spaces are becoming privatized and the 'cultural' integrity of the city eroded,

Join U.S.

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