#Neighborhood Living
City of Rochester, Minnesota
United States of America

August 3, 2006

This is a petition regarding on ongoing complaint with the City of Rochester regarding its lack of interest, concern and effort regarding the uncontrolled Canadian Goose population within the city limits and specifically as to how the destruction of property and contamination of the uncontrolled Goose population directly affects residential neighborhoods and private properties.

The residential community of Pinewood Homeowner's Associations I & II (located at Pinewood Road and McQuillan Court SE, Rochester, MN) is unique in that it is comprised of 48 units with over 85% of the residents being senior citizens and many residents with active, chronic medical issues (ie: cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and other degenerative conditions).

These permanent health issues make it virtually impossible for the residents to directly confront or to clean up after the invading Goose population. In addition, this community property borders directly with a wetland area that is both owned and maintained (so to speak) by the City of Rochester. The Department of Natural Resources presents various methods of population control.

We are confident that the City of Rochester is well aware of those options....none of which have been given active consideration at this point in time.

This petition is submitted as a follow-up to our onsite meeting with Amy Blenker (Rochester City Council Member) and Barbara Huberty (Rochester Public Works Department) on July 12th 2006 and is submitted as per their request.

Being that Olmsted County is not a natural habitat for Canadian Geese and that the City of Rochester, over the decades, has gone out of its way to create a local environment that has encouraged and conditioned the Canadian Goose population to congregate within the limits of the City of Rochester, we, the residents of Pinewood Homeowner's Associations I & II, petition the City of Rochester to take direct and effective action(s) to eliminate, reduce or, at the very least, provide physical barriers to prohibit the Goose population from grazing from their adjacent wetland areas onto and into our vulnerable senior community.

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