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1. Uncontrolled Canadian Goose Population

August 3, 2006

This is a petition regarding on ongoing complaint with the City of Rochester regarding its lack of interest, concern and effort regarding the uncontrolled Canadian Goose population within the city limits and specifically as to how the destruction of property and contamination of the uncontrolled Goose population directly affects residential neighborhoods and private properties.

The residential community of Pinewood Homeowner's Associations I & II (located at Pinewood Road and McQuillan Court SE, Rochester, MN) is unique in that it is comprised of 48 units with over 85% of the residents being senior citizens and many residents with active, chronic medical issues (ie: cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and other degenerative conditions).

These permanent health issues make it virtually impossible for the residents to directly confront or to clean up after the invading Goose population. In addition, this community property borders directly with a wetland area that is both owned and maintained (so to speak) by the City of Rochester. The Department of Natural Resources presents various methods of population control.

We are confident that the City of Rochester is well aware of those options....none of which have been given active consideration at this point in time.

This petition is submitted as a follow-up to our onsite meeting with Amy Blenker (Rochester City Council Member) and Barbara Huberty (Rochester Public Works Department) on July 12th 2006 and is submitted as per their request.

2. Justice for James Farrence Jr.

July 2, 2006

On March 31, 2005, 27 year-old James "Jimmy" Farrence Jr. disappeared from Carbondale, Pennsylvania.

Jimmy had less than $60 on him the night he disappeared, did not drive, and suffered from muscular dystrophy. He was extremely trusting and friendly.

On September 20, 2005, and again on March 11, 2006, just 21 days shy of the one-year anniversary of Jimmy's disappearance, his remains were recovered near the Lackawanna River in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The National Center for Missing Adults and the Carbondale Police Department have determined that Jimmy's death is suspicious.

For nearly a year, family and friends searched desperately to find Jimmy, organizing search and rescue efforts, addressing state legislatures and municipality representatives, networking with missing person organizations, and continually pressing for answers.

In July 2005, Jimmy's family submitted a large packet of information to America's Most Wanted with hope that his case would be selected for coverage.

Unfortunately, Jimmy was never listed on AMW's missing person list. In addition, AMW didn't respond to the family until June 2006, nearly an entire year after Jimmy's case information was submitted.

Supervising Producer Steve Katz offered words of condolences in a letter dated June 8, 2006, and stated that with less than one hour every week, they are not able to air Jimmy's story.

Mr. Katz went on to say that "there is power in numbers"; hence, this petition.

I am encouraging everyone who supports Justice for James Farrence Jr. to sign this petition so that it can be respectfully submitted to America's Most Wanted in an effort to convince the producers to air Jimmy's story.

3. Building Codes

This is a petition concerning the Building Codes and Restrictions set forth by Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association.

Policy Page C-3 of the Blue Water Oaks HomeOwner's Association states that each portable building or mobile home brought into the addition must first have a photo submitted to the Association for approval. By moving in the mobile home on Mariner Court that appears to have been torn down once, it has and will continue to bring our property value down and our insurance rates up since most homeowner's insurance companies take note of the properties surrounding your home. Please sign this petition to have the mobile home removed.


Petition submitted to the Quebec National Assembly for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law.

For the attention of the Quebec National Assembly and, especially for the attention of the Prime Minister of Quebec and the Ministry of Tourism.

This said petition is for the adoption of an anti-dolphinarium law in the province of Quebec. Strongly convinced that the Government is in a position to accomplish tremendously for the protection of species, by creating this law;

WHEREAS zoological parks and other similar associations or establishments cannot offer adequate conditions to maintain dolphins alive;

WHEREAS captivity conditions lead to distressing behaviours and even to death on the part of dolphins;

WHEREAS the risks of injuries are very real for the dolphins as well as for the humans within the scope of swimming programs with the dolphins;

WHEREAS numerous deaths have been recorded as a result of dolphins being kept in such captivity;

For all these reasons and many more. We, the undersigned, request that the Quebec National Assembly take the necessary steps to adopt a law against dolphinarium projects of any type in the Province of Quebec.

5. Abolish The Turner Prize in the UK

The Turner Prize is awarded to a British artist under 50 for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work. It was established in 1984 by Tate's Patrons of New Art and is intended to promote public discussion of new developments in contemporary British art.

This year's winner is renowned for exhibiting a lump of Blu-Tack and a screwed up ball of paper.

The 2001 Turner Prize winner has shown nothing but an empty gallery space with the lights switching on and off every five seconds.

The Turner Prize can no longer be taken seriously and should be abolished altogether as many of the pieces of work submitted are not worthy of being called art, let alone art developments. The examining board do not realise that they handing out £20,000 to con artists.