Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice

People who have shared news about Redhack on social media sites have been arrested and remanded in prison.

Prosecutors are demanding 24 years for them and the only intention of this case is to stop the support for Redhack who have surfaced lies and deceits of the government.

We demand immediate release of innocent people accused as members of Redhack, their only crime is sharing a news about Redhack on social media sites.

For the last 15 years Redhack has taken side with labour struggle and used its knowledge for the interest of the majority; oppressed.

Lately, they have been attacked aggressively because they have shared information which already belongs to the people. They opposed; rapes, out of date milks distributed to the school children which resulted in 100's being poisoned, country being put on offer to the capitalists and child pornography. Most important of these attacks is innocent people who have no links to Redhack that have shared information about these actions being held at ransom in order to demonise Redhack and cut the support they receive.

On the 26th November 2012, for the first time throughout the world a hacker group will be tried accused of being a "terror organisation" and prosecutors will demand 24 years imprisonment.

We expect the public to give their support to these innocent people. Purpose of this petition is to demand an end to the restrains imposed on the imprisoned.

Court hearing details: 26th November 2012 - 10:00am at 13th Ankara High Criminal Court

Committee of Freedom for Redhack Prisoners

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