President Donald Trump
United States of America

We all know that NASA is a terrorist organization infested with Russian spies, and that’s why the NSA, FBI sand CIA have gained the ability to listen to us jacking off through our cell phones using satellite technology.
Furthermore, it is evident to us that much of these recent successes have come in the form of top secretly waged clandestine information and disinformation warfare campaigns via social media, orchestrated by the Russian government to influence the outcome of elections in the United States, something the United States government is also known to do quite frequently.

One of these so called social media campaigns has been the Globalist Lie, the idea that the earth is actually round, despite all evidence pointing to advanced flat earth theory being correct, instead of the globalist agenda of telling people the earth is round and lying to them to divide them by giving them stupid things to argue about that don’t actually matter in the big picture. The other is that Australia is a real place that actually exists, when it is clear that the “AustraLIARs” in power have invented this myth entirely. Australia does not exist on any maps besides the doctored brainwashing edition photoshopped CGI NASA maps, which have replaced all other maps throughout the flat earth.

The reason why they have been so successful at brainwashing so many people so quickly that the earth is round and Australia is real, is that Russia has a top secret base set up on the moon. They are using the moons radiation to power their fully automated unmanned signal jammers and refragmentation optics facilities to trick satellites into filming in fisheye lens mode.

That’s why in most doctored nasa pictures, the earth looks round instead of flat. We are asking you to prove the earth is flat and help us expose the Russian plot, as well as the AustraLIARs. Blow up the moon and destroy the fake news signal jammers so the entire flat earth can know the truth!

Dear Trump,

Please blow up the moon, prove the earth is flat, Australia isn’t real, and that top secret Russian spies are trying to manipulate US elections using misinformation on social media.

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