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Third Watch's Faith Yokas (Molly Price) has been through a lot. She's survived breast cancer, a punctured lung, a bullet lodged in her spine, an alcoholic husband, his heart attack, being taken hostage while off-duty shopping with her daughter and her daughter's drug overdose. Then there's her hot-headed 'super-cop' partner, Boscorelli (Jason Wiles) and all of the complications he brings to her job.

Throughout it all, Faith has remained the one constant, true to herself and true to the law. In the new season of Third Watch, she is sorely tested both personally and professionally. Her entanglement with Sergeant Maritza Cruz (Tia Texada) puts Faith on the wrong side of the law, but leads to a surprise promotion. Meanwhile, her philandering husband serves her with divorce papers as her domestic life crumbles.

This season, actor Josh Stewart joins the cast as Brendan Finney, the no-nonsense son of the head of Internal Affairs who causes ructions within the department. The police officers also deal with a tough new lieutenant who goes strictly by the books but hides a dark secret. However, his dark new secret has nothing on one of the existing members of the 55th precinct's secret. There's a rat in the house - how long can that rat stay hidden?

New to the paramedic unit is Grace Foster (Cara Buono), an occasionally dismissive and arrogant transfer from another precinct who has already alienated a few of her colleagues and attracted the interest of one, no prizes for guessing who. The love interests of cocky medic Carlos Nieto (Ruivivar) continue to amuse as he assists newly promoted Kim Zambrano (Raver) as she takes on the lead paramedic responsibilities. Kim also receives shocking personal news that jeopardises her new role.

Just across the street, the police of the 55th precinct arrive for the third watch, the shift from 3.00 - 11.00pm daily. The usual suspects appear, streetwise long-time cop John "Sully" Sullivan (Skipp Sudduth), headstrong Ty Davis Jr. (Coby Bell), single mum Sasha Monroe (Nia Long), the overly aggressive Bosco (Wiles) and elite Anti-crime Unit Sergeant Maritza Cruz (Texada). Each cope with the never-ending stress of the job, alongside stalwart officer Faith Yokas (Price). This season poses more stress than ever for this tight-knit group as IAB begin to close down on their department, determined get Cruz off the street.

Third Watch was CANCELLED IN 2005 by NBC.

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