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The Invader Zim Tv show, it aired on the Television channel Nickelodeon, the 2000's. It was a successful show, winning 3 awards and being nominated for 7 more, of the one that was won being an Emmy. And as the show reached the midway mark in the second season, the show was canceled, leaving 10 unfinished episodes left in the season.

And for these final episodes many of the mini half episode and one of the double episodes had the voices recorded, and many of the others have the scripts written for the episode.

We ask Nickelodeon to finish the final episodes of Invader Zim with the help of the creator Jhonen Vasquez, and either air them and release on DVD, or just released on DVD.

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The The Revival The Final Episodes Of Invader Zim petition to Nickelodeon was written by Josh Buchanan and is in the category Television at GoPetition.