Warner Bros. Records

The burrito squad are in need of YOUR help!!!!!!:(((
We need The Regrettes to come back to Europe (or at least denmark teehee.)

The burrito squad are:
Me ( you don’t have to call me, ‘Me’ you can call me Iceland or Maria... your call.

SELMA (the ultimate burrito)

aNNE (she doesn’t know that i’m doing this)

FINLAND ( i never remember her name)

SWEDEN (we often call here swede but her name is olivia. she’s cool)

This is the burrito squad (dw we are clikkies) and we NEED YOU TO HELP US ASDFGH

(we are looking for a Norway person to join the squad. please Norway if you’re out there please. please. contact us.)

The Regrettes fans here in Europe are once again ready for them to come back! Are you? If you are, please sign our petition for them to come back and see our beautiful faces! :)

If you sign our petition, we promise that we will bring LOADS of yellow tape to show that YOU helped with them coming back to us. So yeah. SIGN IT.

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