Dave Gonzales and the Paladins
United States of America

Whereas roots music is good for the soul and;

Whereas live music needs to thrive in its purest form and;

Whereas the struggle against mediocrity is championed by creative independent musicians and;

Whereas music is the comfort of the common person in times of economic distress;

We request that The Paladins ride forth once again to bring music to a new generation of roots lovers, to the uninspired and unhappy, and to long-neglected lovers of quality grooves.

We request that The Paladins reinspire us with "never fail to leave us breathless" nights that leave us chomping at the bit for the next show.

We request that The Paladins play again to remind us what is best about Amercian Roots music.

We the undersigned request that The Paladins hit the road and bring live roots to the nation. We ask that they rejivenate us!

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The The Paladins Ride Again petition to Dave Gonzales and the Paladins was written by aaron stone and is in the category Music at GoPetition.