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1. Induct Jerry Lee Lewis into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Jerry Lee Lewis, equal in stature to the all time greats, Jimmie Rodgers, Al Jolson, and Hank Williams, and truly deserving of the title "Greatest Living American Song Stylist", is long overdue for induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Ameripolitan Music Awards, a grassroots movement, has created this online petition to let the Country Music Association know that Jerry Lee Lewis has one of the most loyal fan bases of any country artist in history, and together we have the opportunity to influence the nominating committee and voting members of the CMA.

We are aware that Jerry Lee already has many advocates within the CMA and the Country Music Hall of Fame, and they need our help to make a strong case for his inclusion on the ballot.

Though he is one of the most successful recording artists of all time, having 54 albums and 77 singles (12 of them being #1), statistics alone cannot describe the unique contribution to country music by Jerry Lee Lewis. Beginning with his first single "Crazy Arms" in 1956, to his million seller "You Win Again" 1957, and through his string of classic country hits in the late 60s and 70s, Jerry Lee has defined and redefined what country music is,

2. Nominate JACK SCOTT for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Our Jack Scott RockHall Facebook Page has reached 5,000 "friends" AND we need to keep this flow of support reaching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame uninterrupted and in its entirety.

So why JACK SCOTT? Well, let us tell you...
Jack Scott (born Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr., January 24, 1936, Windsor, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian American singer and songwriter who spent his formative years in Detroit.
JACK SCOTT was the first white rock and roll star to come out of Detroit, Michigan. JACK SCOTT was inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011 and has been called "undeniably the greatest Canadian rock and roll singer of all time."
JACK SCOTT has also been inducted into the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame AND the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
Recently JACK was nominated for the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.
JACK SCOTT had 19 US singles in a short period of time, 41 months AND wrote all of his own hits except one: "Burning Bridges." which was written by Walter Scott (no relation).

We the people who sign this petition want to nominate JACK SCOTT for induction into your Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

JACK SCOTT's legacy ranks him with the top legends of rock and roll. Besides Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley, it has been said that no white rock and roller of his generation has ever developed a finer voice than Jack Scott, singing and recording Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Country-Soul, Gospel and Blues.

In 2015 JACK SCOTT released "Way To Survive" his first studio album in over 50 years which has made many JACK SCOTT fans very happy. JACK SCOTT turned 80 this year and he is actively singing and touring today with a voice and energy that still ROCKS and makes you think when you see him on stage, there is no way that guy is 80.

PLEASE - lets get JACK SCOTT nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Let's get him inducted while Jack and his family can enjoy seeing him hit that stage and receive his award in person.

If you are a fan, a friend, or an admirer, PLEASE spread the word and lets get this done for our "The Way I Walk" JACK SCOTT! (thank you)