To get the young involved in politics
United Kingdom

The Invisible Voters are a campaign group aiming to educate the youth in politics and to make aware the importance of voting. We believe it is the perfect time to try to get through to the younger generation considering the recent developments in cuts from our government that have directly affected students, most of them being 18-24.

Our main aim is to get students of middlesex to understand the Alternative voting system coming up in May.

Being educated in this should be as natural as any other subject, why is it that drama and languages, come before politics?

It is like saying you are going to have a maths test every four years, but we have never taught you maths. It is detrimental to all of our futures, our vote OBVIOUSLY doesn’t just effect that age group it effects the whole country, meaning, why are we not trained to understand this?

We want politics to be a core academic subject in schools.

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