The order has gone out from the Prime Ministers Office that Canadian Government Departments "no" longer call our Government 'The Canadian Government'. It seems we are now governed by' The Harper Government'

This is an action you might expect to see in a third World dictatorship country, not in a free and democratic Country like Canada.

Canadians are appalled at this action and we refuse to accept this 're-branding' of OUR country for the selfish political gain of one man. We feel this is a very serious matter and not something to be ignored.

We are sending the message to Stephen Harper that the Government in Canada is the Canadian Government. It is not Stephen Harper's Government. It is OUR government. My government, your government, Canada's Government, the government of every Canadian.

We wish to make it clear that Canadians DO care, very much, about the state of our Government.

We the undersigned are asking all of our MPs and our Honourable Governor General to step in and stop Stephen Harper from doing what we feel is a move that undermines the very nature of our democratic parliamentary system of government by branding the government as his possession.

We ask that the term 'Government of Canada' replace 'the Harper Government' in all government correspondence from and between government departments and to the media.

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