Concerned citizens

The president of Georgia was asked by his nation to start a dialogue or discussions with the parliamentary opposition regarding the date of the forthcoming parliamentary elections and some other issues related with the mishandlings of the current government, especially in the issues of human rights violations.

For 5 days thousands of people waited in front of the parliament building for the president to come up with some offer on the terms of discussions. His response came on the 6th day and it was a brutal violence against peaceful civilians. All the world has seen what has happened in the streets of Tbilisi on November 7, 2007.

Independent TV company was raided by the armed squad hiding faces under the masks and ruining and destroying the equipment and documentation of the company. The president Mikheil Saakashvili well knew about that action, but he did nothing to stop the violence.

Now he started regular interviews and long talks with some groups of people, and all his harangues are being aired on the national TV channel. But where was he some 10 days ago? Could he not speak to his nation in the open in front of the parliament building?

If he is so scared of big crowds in the open, then why couldn't he invite a group of oppositioners for some chamber talks? Or he wanted to whip the nation? Then he has no right to be the president, not even the right to be a manager in a minor company....

Bar presidents like Saakashvili from the next presidential elections, and never let them come into the leadership of nations unless they reform their ways and promote democracy.


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