Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, questioning, supporters

As individuals in the GLBT community, are uniquely identified by our 'rainbow" colors. We proudly wear them to proclaim, "we are hear to stay!"

We, as a people of different nationalities, races, ages and genders, residing on this earth, want the recognition that we truly stand for more than our sexual orientation, and the people we choose to associate with. The Gay Pledge, is our vow of what we stand for. The Rainbow Flag has true meaning. The Gay Pledge, states the truth.

Please sign this petition, for the recognition of, The Gay Pledge.

***The Gay Pledge***

We come together, under the multi-colored diversity
of The Rainbow Flag and what it represents; Life, Healing, Sun, Earth, Harmony and Spirit; acknowledging who we are, vowing to accept one and all, Equally, with Pride and Dignity.

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