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Our National “leaders”, represented by the G20, no longer represent the voice or the will of the majority of their people and the World’s people. They appear to only see short-term economic gains while the global economic system runs on the assumption that nature can continually provide us with infinite resources. Simultaneously, the growing threats to the human future of Nuclear War and Global Climate Change now severely threaten our future and all life on Earth.

In addition:

• Our growing human ‘ecological footprint’ is now in the process of damaging the natural world and much of the biodiversity on the planet.

• Just 1 percent of the World’s population owns and controls the vast majority of the World’s wealth (Oxfam International). In monetary terms, 1 percent of people on Earth are worth $110 trillion while the remaining 99% are worth much less in terms of collective wealth.

• The Health system in many nations is in crisis as Big Pharma is only concerned about profits. In the meantime, the altered environment creates outbreaks of uncontrollable diseases like Ebola. The biggest problems in the world are hunger, health and illiteracy, yet health and education have to be paid for by those who cannot afford to in many countries in the developing world and developed world. Economics is permanently viewed by our “leaders” as more important than human welfare.

• Our value system is adrift and our society is replete with control mechanisms on people such as government surveillance, media and educational “brainwashing” so the population hears what they are told to hear and are taught what is important for the transnational businesses which truly rule the world, especially Big Banks and Big Oil.As a result, the public becomes more and more stressed and chronic illnesses increase as our food is altered by pesticides and genetic modification.

• The People do not want war and do not want to kill each other. The basis of human interaction is the Family which has at its core the values of nurturing and love. Despite our closeness as the Human Family, Humanity as a whole is fractured by economic considerations, belief systems and cultural differences which belie the basis of Community which is based on loving kindness and connectedness.

• We, the People of the World, are essentially brainwashed by the systems which control and manipulate us,and by“leaders”and the compliant mainstream media who continue to lead us to incessant wars and human degradation in the face of rapidly escalating Global Climate Change and other severe threats to our continued survival today.

We the Undersigned to this urgent and critical Petition, call upon the National Leaders represented by the G20, who are gathering in Brisbane, Australia on November 15 & 16 for their annual Summit, to urgently adopt the following 13 Steps on behalf of the People of the World, and for a Truly Democratic World:

1. Reduction of national and world military expenditures annually;
2. Immediate multilateral freeze on further nuclear weapons research, development, testing and deployment (on top of any reductions negotiated);
3. Immediate freeze at current global military expenditures;
4. Immediate freeze on biological and chemical weapons research and a restatement on banning them;
5. Reduction of conflict, war and terrorism annually;
6. Conversion of military spending to expenditures benefiting our societies in terms of health, education , living standard, and a sustainable environment;
7. Reduction of Global poverty, hunger and marginalization and unemployment of millions of people;
8. Reduction of Greenhouse Gas production and conversion to alternative Renewable Energy sources;
9. Reduction of the Wealth Gap between and within Nations;
10. Restoration of Nature and the protection of Biodiversity and all Species;
11. Formulating new sustainable ways of industry and agriculture to create a Sustainable World;
12. Shift from Representative to Direct Participatory Democracy empowering the People of the World to have a voice in the issues that affect us all;
13. Reforming educational systems based on the new ways of thinking and acting.

Further, we the People, call for the creation of the following new Institutions:

1. Annual Global Futures Index

The creation of a new, annual Global Futures Index that will annually measure progress (or otherwise) against the benchmark facts and figures that indicate our collective progress as Humanity towards a Peaceful and Sustainable World and Future and against which the People of the World will hold their national leaders accountable on an ongoing basis, which will include:
• The reduction of national and world military expenditures annually;
• The reduction of conflict, war and terrorism annually;
• The reduction of Greenhouse Gas production and conversion to alternative renewable energy sources annually;
• The reduction of the Wealth Gap between and within Nations;
• The restoration of Nature, Eco-Systems, and the protection of all other Species.

2. Global, Regional and Local “Wisdom Councils”

The establishment of supranational, regional and local “Wisdom Council”, made up of groups of experienced mediators and political experts to observe, analyse and defuse conflicts ahead of time, to encourage peaceful resolutions and to promote sustainable human actions in regard to Nature.

3. The Earth Corps

The establishment of Earth Corps in many parts of the world made of youth members with the mission of restoring local ecosystems and disadvantaged communities,, the funding for which would derive from reduced military budgets and taxes on ‘polluter’ companies.

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