Telstra Corporation Limited, The Australian Government

A lot of telephone exchanges have been enabled for ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) Broadband internet throughout Australia. Unfortunately most people on many of the exchanges are still left out because of wiring problems (like using "Pair Gain", a cheap solution for heavy phone traffic).

Telstra refuses to change the wiring or enable the people left out saying it is not worth anything to them or saying it is extremely costly. Telstra Corp. made a huge turnover last year and can more than afford to enable everyone on ADSL.

We are getting rather weary of listening to Telstra's excuses and DEMAND they do something about this problem because as far as we are concerned, we are paying for extremely low grade phone services and paying the same as everyone.

The Australian Government has also washed their hands clean of the problem, saying it is not their responsibility to upgrade these services. This is false as the Government is in charge of all utility services (gas, roads, phone, power) in Australia, thus they should be funding the upgrades.

We, the undersigned people of Australia, demand that Telstra Corporation Limited improve ADSL services on already enabled exchanges, and also enable ADSL on non enabled exchanges. We also request that the Austalian Government should put funding into upgrading phone services.

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