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Buckinghamshire County Council
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The level and surface condition of the tarmac surface of Chiltern Road Ballinger has been in decline since gas pipes were layed beneath it in 1990.

After the pipes were layed, the company contracted by Chiltern Council to complete the work, did not adequately make good the subsurface before the pipe trench was recovered with tarmac.

The council took no action to ensure that the company made good their bad work.

Within two years the retarmaced section started to subside forming a trench section along the northern side of the road.

In addition to the trench damage the road developed a significant number of sections that deteriorated due to usage and weathering.

Over the following 15 years the council patched up and repatched various sections of the road.

The road's surface is uneven, pitted and a patch work of different coloured tarmac repairs.

It is unsightly and dangerous for cyclists, particularly for those traveling along it from east to west. This included a number of very young children who used this quiet cul de sac to learn to cycle.

In 2005 Mr. Benwell of Oakhurst and Mr. Clark of Coppice, Chiltern Road, wrote to the council asking them to repair the road and make good the whole surface.

The council admitted that the poor surface of the road was in part due to the inadequate work following the laying of the gas pipes. They refused to repair the road's surface because they had insufficient funds while other road had greater priority.

We, the undersigned, call on Buckinghamshire County Council to repair and make good the whole undersurface and retarmac the whole surface of Chiltern Road.

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