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Students are handed rights by the Public School System of Collier County as well as the US Constitution to be able to voice our opinions, to petition, to stand up for what we feel or believe. A great deal of people were unsatisfied by the events occuring Friday, April 19, 2001. The "Spring Dance" which was once looked at as a relief for students to socialize and enjoy an evening together, was simply crushed.

We need to show our school's administration -- the faculty of PRMS that we, the students, are displeased. As well, we have to ensure that the 8th grader's final social event, the "8th grade dance," does not result into such a calamity as this one did. This petition shows that we want to make a stand.

This petition shows that we want to stand up for:
-The dance remains its original duration and its time is not limited under any circumstances (such as under the grounds of inappropriate dancing) unless in an emergency.
- Students are given their right to self-expression by dancing freely in the manner they wish as long as it does not contain substantial sexual innuendo. Physical contact must be allowed somewhat, for it is a dance. PDA rules still apply - no kissing, hugging, etc. Although hugging and slow dancing are two different things in its entirety.
-That Alexander DiNardo, under his DJ Name "Dirty D," is elected to control the music selection at the 8th Grade dance and given the same restrictions and limitations, as well as the same privileges, as previous DJ, Mr. Burton. All vulgarity will be removed though use of some sexual content in songs are permissible, just as they were to Mr. Burton when he played the song entitled "Tweet - Oops Oh My".

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