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In 1995 'The Bosman Ruling' was granted by the European Court of Justice - a ruling that allows out-of-contract footballers to leave their clubs without the clubs receiving a transfer fee.

Details on The Bosman Ruiling here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosman_ruling

Now that greed has embedded itself into the 'Heart and Soul' of the 'Beautiful Game', it is now time the clubs and ultimately the fans receive similar protection from football players (and their agents) who in most cases are awarded enormously huge salary increases half way through already highly paid contracts!

Common Scenario:

• A football player signs for a club on a four year deal worth £40,000 per week
= £2.08 million per year
= £8.32 million per contract term

• The player performs as he is paid to do so and after a successful first season (perhaps two), the player attracts offers from other clubs who have excessive amounts of cash to spend.

• In order to hold onto their player, the player's club rewards the player with a new deal worth a staggering £120,000 per week!
= £4.16 million ‘EXTRA’ per year!
= £6.24 million per year!

• One season plus £4.16 million ‘EXTRA’ later -the player and/or his agent/s states the player now wishes to leave the club (Normally fabricating excuses such as it is the players desire to play for a bigger club and/or to play in a competition such as the Champions League)

• This leaves the club (and the fans) in a very difficult situation, especially after the player stated and committed his ‘Love for the Club’ and received an extra £4.16 million that season for doing so! -and will subsequently receive an extra £4.16 million each year if he continues to ‘Honour his Contract’.

• In most cases, the club (and the fans) don’t want a so called ‘Unhappy Player’ at the club hence the club has little choice but to sell the player = PLAYER & AGENT/s WIN!


We, the undersigned call for the English FA, UEFA and FIFA to protect the 'Loyalty' of football clubs and football fans around the world by taking action to ensure that dishonouring contracts by professional footballers and their agents stop now!

We propose the 'Loyalty Contract Ruling’ is introduced before it ruins the ‘Beautiful Game’

What is the ‘Loyalty Contract Ruling’ ?

The ‘Loyalty Contract Ruling’ will enable clubs and fans to rest in the knowledge that their players will not go seeking to leave their club for the object of ‘More Money’

In the event that the player dishonours his contract -under the ‘Loyalty Contract Ruling’ -the player must then pay back ‘In Full’ -to the club -the difference the player received between his increased contract agreement and his breaking of that contract agreement.

• In the case above -the player must pay back the £4.16 million extra he received.

The objective of the 'Loyalty Contract Ruling' is to ultimately make the player AND his agent/s think long and hard before attempting to fabricate a way of breaking future contract agreements.

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