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Interclub Council at Ardrey Kell and to whom ever it may concern
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This year Ardrey Kell has fought hard to start their own chapter of a Gay-Straight Alliance in their school. After much hard work, they have had the success of forming a reliable club in which gay, straight, bisexual, and transgendered youth all collaborate in an effort to provide a stable, safe, and productive environment for LGBT youth and their straight allies.

In their short lifespan the AK GSA has contributed in many ways to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district including, but not limited to:

-Joining together existing, nearby GSA's in our school district and networking them, something that has never been done before.

-Creating many successful inter-GSA social events that have brought awareness to many LGBT issues, such as: anti-bullying, harassment, trans-issues, gay-issues, teen suicides, LGBT rights, and the growth and importance of an educated youth.

- A committed team of students who find the opportunity to interact with similar, like-minded youth in a positive, and productive manner.

As it has come to the recent attention of the Providence High School Gay-Straight Alliance, the Ardrey Kell GSA is undergoing extreme scrutiny and is in current danger of being refuted and closed.

Please help save the Ardrey Kell GSA, as not only a revolutionary club in the life of our youth, but an opportunity for straight youth and gay youth alike to join together to fight for equality.

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