I was on a partnership visa and about o go for residency and there was a huge breakdown in the relationship. Then immigration advised me which visa to apply for, said I 100% met criteria. So i applied for the visa and was decline only 2 months before my current visa runs out. I have a 2 year old nz born here and my ex partner has an order preventing removal of child. So my son cannot leave the country. Immigration wont take my son into consideration. And have made it clear I will need to make arrangements to leave prior to my visa running out and leave my son here. Please sign to support me staying with my 2 year old son. It's in the best interest for child, mother and father. Help me keep my family together!!

For immigration to grant me residency, so I am able to be a mother to my child. This is in the best interest of all parties involved. Child, mother and father. Following this To create a visa for mothers and fathers who 'fall between the cracks' and dont meet the full criteria for any particular visa due to separation from kiwi partner. Kiwis who bring partners over from overseas and have children should also be taking responabilty for the lawful status of the mother/father of the child. It shouldnt br left just to the none citizen to figure it out. Something has to change, children are losing parents.

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