Lexington county Sherriffs Department And Local State Representatives
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For years South Carolina has "claimed" to have one of the toughest domestic violence programs in the United States. I personally left there because of not being able to recieve the basics of protection that they claim to provide, they never took pictures (which I was later told they were supposed to) they completely botched my case and showed up three hours later after being called three times after my ex husband beat me and my teenage daughter.

Even the domestic violence advocate that was assigned to my case said I should have sued them. Now my daughter is facing the same problem, in the same county, and being treated the same way. South Carolina has one of the highest domestic violence death rates in the United states even though they claim to be the toughest.

Please for the sake of our children and daughters and other family members consider signing this so that we may try to enact legislation and change, before another life is lost and those who are suffering will know that they are entitled to be protected to the services that our law enforcement claim they are providing.

Let's give hope and a chance at life back to those who need it the most.

We respecfully request that policies be reviewed and a more responsible training of personel who come in contact with domestic violence victims.

We request that a more serious attitude and accountability of these officers who handle these cases be required and reviewed.

We request that domestic violence policies and procedures be applied equally to all those who are in need,not just those who happen to live in a county that cares while others do not.

We realize the risk that officers and personel take in answering these calls and respect that very much,we ask that it be taken seriously in all cases at all times.

We request reviews of the policies and need to possibly create or ammend policies. Response times need to be consistent and reviewed as well.

We ask that you back up the promise of being tough on domestic violence in action rather than just commercials.

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