#Children's Rights
United Kingdom

Our remit is to have 4 Safe Homes available for every child in an abusive family in every town, provided by their local council - so that these children can get out of dangerous and terrifying abuse within one hour of reporting their story.

With dedicated phone lines in every school and nursery, a report by a teacher, childcare assistant, nurse or doctor, or just by a member of the public, will see our doors open immediately (within 1 hour) to help and nurture each and every child back to normality. With 3-4 deaths of babies and young children every single day and so many hospital visits for abuse, our antiquated system needs changing, and Safe Homes Global needs your support, so please sign this petition to change the rules!!!

Please sign this petition to enable Safe Homes For Abused Children for every town in the UK and Globally.

If you are sick of reading about so many children dying, being beaten to within an inch of their lives or about girls and boys being preyed on sexually by their elders for sex..and being too ashamed to tell anyone, Safe Homes, with their dedicated phone lines in every nursery/school will enable escape to happen rapidly. No forms to fill in, just lovely comfortable homes for them to stay and repair their lives.

Full details on our FB website. Thank you all for signing, you will now be a part of history in the making!!

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