#Human Rights
Prime Minister of Australia

The Honourable The Prime Minister,

We, the undersigned, express our deepest concerns about the situation in Iran. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed to respect the outcome of an electoral process which had already been restricted to four trusted candidates. In reaction to the peaceful protests by citizens and voters who felt cheated, the government resorted to outright violence, further suppression of rights and restriction of all media coverage. University dormitories have been attacked and students and faculty savagely beaten and detained. Most tragically, tens of innocent citizens have already been killed.

In the past few days, the Iranian government has disregarded the aspirations of the citizens and their basic rights. The students and the youths of the country are being killed, injured and imprisoned.

Iranian citizens are calling for change.

The Honourable Mr. Rudd,

We condemn the acts of violence against Iranians who are peacefully and legitimately demanding basic rights, and would like to request that Australian government support Iranian people. The people of Iran now ask for your support! We expect Australian government not to accept the legitimacy of the Iranian elections and the fraudulent presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Please do not leave the Iranian people alone, we ask you not to let 70 million people in Iran be taken hostage. Any government that accepts Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the new president of Iran has betrayed the Iranian people, endangered world peace, and has no sympathy for human pain.

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