Issaquah School Board
United States of America

The Issaquah School district has begun a fast-track redistricting plan.

We are concerned that several of the plans do not do what is best for the students of Issaquah and Sammamish and encourage people to support plan D which uses the new highland school more effectively and keeps students together much more cohesively.

I support Option "D" of the Issaquah School District redistricting plan because it:
Ensures children attend schools nearer their homes, keeps children together as they transition from elementary to middle to high school, keeps neighborhoods together, balances student populations to fit designed school capacities, minimizes the number of times school boundaries are adjusted for population growth - both from past changes and anticipated changes, considers future growth and provides for the most efficient transportation options.

The other plans do not address these concerns as well - in fact they disproportionately impact negatively several neighborhoods and compound problems within the district rather than alleviate them.

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