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Japan is considered as an easternmost small island with limited resources. Yet, if the volume and the depth of the sea are considered, Japan ranks fourth in the world. With this favourite marine background, Organization of Mobile Hospital International (OMHI)was established as a fair and independent non-governmental organization. We aim primarily for constructing Japan-made hospital ships, which help contribute to world peace.

Our proposed hospital ship will deal with natural disasters such as the earthquake or an outbreak of epidemic (e.g. Bird Flu and new influenza.) As for international need and demands, hospital ship will provide worldwide humanitarian support in devastated areas, for example Indochina, Haiti and Chile, where quake and tsunami are in the offing. We will help to maintain the security and to improve the safety in conflict regions.

Nowadays, registered hospital ships come from 14 countries and 4 non-governmental organizations, but none of them belongs to Japan. There is no denying that hospital shipwill provide medical services, whereas world peace is a more important issue to deal with. Japan could make fairly contribution to the issue by utilizing her oceanographic technology.

We have started this project since a private workshop held in Tokyo in February 25, 2011. Influential people from various quarters participated in the workshop and exchanged their opinions actively. If you share our mission, we would like invite you be a part of us, constructing hospital shipto stabilize international maritime safety.


1995年1月17日阪神大地震後,日本學術會議上已經提到建造醫療船的緊急性。關東東北太平洋沿岸的海嘯一瞬間吞噬超過兩萬名居民,加上嚴重的核災,我們是需要醫療船的。 我們籌劃的醫療船將足以處理地震及疫症(例如禽流感或其他新型流感)爆發等自然災難。醫療船也會因應國際需要,為世界各地受災地區提供服務,包括東南亞、海地及智利等受到地震及海嘯影響的地方,會保障並促進當地的安全性。



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