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I, Tim Porter have been organizing an retrospective, dedicated to an important time period in Horror Cinema & British Film History. The Video Nasties (as they were named by the press) created a mass of moral outcry. These movies were released on a new technological device that could be used at home: The VHS Player.

Videos were un-certified and figures such as Mary Whitehouse and the Conservative government decided to draw up a list of titles to seize and prosecute these movies as they were deemed evil and repugnant. This caused a ripple effect with the British Board Of Film Classification (BBFC), as similar films were heavily censored.

This retrospective focuses on the events of the 1980's. I plan to screen 16 of the so-called nasties. These screenings will include special guests ranging from film critics, filmmakers and academics. We plan to debate and discuss in a broad context the impact that this time period has made, whether the films were as harmful as first thought and a general discussion on censorship. We will also highlight recent films such as: A Serbian Film (2010) as a prime companion to the response from the media and censors about the film's content.

These screenings are proposed to go ahead at the University of Westminster: Harrow Campus. I am asking for your support as the university are hesitant about the event. This petition is to show the interest and a possible idea on audience numbers this event will attract.

We, the unsigned, support this event for its educational purposes, the opportunity to discuss and debate these important movies, to hear the views and opinions of academics and people within the industry; both present and past, and to highlight a part of British Film History that a generation are not aware of.

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