Las Encinas Hospital. Pasadena, CA
United States of America

On Friday the tenth of Novemeber Wynsdey was contacted at her home in regard to an alleged patients rights violation that occured, ironically, on Wednesday the eighth of November on the adolescent unit, Wynsdey's home unit.

There are more details to the actual events and the whole truth may never be fully known. To condense the situation to its barest facts and so as not to actually violate any patients rihgts I will paraphrase what facts I do know and understand to be true to the best of my knowledge. An adolescent patient was asked to take a time out. Some time while the patient was in the time out room the door to the tome out room was locked per patients statement to a patients rights advocate at the time of a PCH the following day. The patient stated that it was Wynsdey that locked the door. Wynsdey flattly denies doing any such thing.

Administration was contacted by patients rights and administration decided to fire Wynsdey, apparently without any investigation as to what might have actually happened.

With such action as the adminisrtation has taken in this matter it should be noted by all signing this petition that there jobs are as tenuous as the next patients accusations. You may, however, elect to be anonymous on the public display list on this site.

It may be wise for the employees of Las Encinas Hospital to consider finding a union to represent them to disuade any such possible wrongful terminations in the future.

We, the undersigned, petition to show support for Wynsdey and to encourage the adminisrtation of Las Enacinas Hospital to recosider the summary termination of Wynsdey.

This petition is to further encourage the administration to thoroghly investigate this incident and to investigate any future incident prior to terminating someone's employment.

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