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Government of Canada

The current situation with the US proves that we are too much dependent on our neighbour to the south. Politics under President Trump put's Canada's sovereignty in danger. It is clearly stated 'America First'. We cannot rely solely on the USA anymore as Europe cannot rely on them anymore. This position is also stated by chancellor Ms Angela Merkel in the news after the unsuccessful Meeting of the G7 states. Canada has to find new partners to succeed and survive. It is a very natural move to ask without any further delay for an immediate membership into the European Union. Both sides will gain tremendous benefits from this move.

We, the undersigned Citizens and immigrant residents of Canada and Europe call upon the Government of Canada and the European Union to take immediate steps towards an integration of Canada into the Schengener Agreement of the European Union to allow free trade, free labour movement, free education and free travel movement and tourism without any borders between the member countries involved. As an additional side effect the integration of Canada, being a member of the Commonwealth, will bond the UK to Europe.

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