The Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Grin Green International started with the ambitious goal of demanding that Thailand join the growing list of nations around the world in banning disposable waste like plastic bags and become a regional leader in eco-friendly solutions, one plastic bag at a time.
-The average Thai used 8 plastic bags
-600,000 plastic bags were wasted in Bangkok
-The recovery rate of plastic waste in Thailand hovers around 23 percent
-Thailand is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), therefore encouraging the cheap influx of plastic waste
-The average usage of 1 plastic bag is 13 minutes
-It takes around 1,000 years for a LDPE plastic bag to decompose

The use of plastic bags, straws, and utensils are not only a major contributing factor to our world's disposable culture, they are an environmental silent-killer, contaminating Thailand's exotic metropoles, forests, beaches, seas, and wildlife.

Join our student-centered fight in eliminating plastic waste and reforming Thailand's disposable culture. We are in this together!

Please sign this petition and help us keep Thailand's key stakeholders and decision-makers accountable to their inaction regarding plastic waste.

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