Google, US Department of Labor, US House of Representatives, US Senate, Better Business Bureau
United States of America

The recent practice of censoring Conservative YouTube channels, especially those whom speak out about ongoing conspiracies, without the knowledge of the content creator (also known as “shadow-banning”), is a direct and overt attack on our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.
YouTube is supposed to be a social media website, not a public square where only one side of issues are allowed to be heard. Removing subscribers, manipulating the view counts, visibility, and other statistics of a given video, as well as removing/reducing the video or channel’s ability to appear in search results, recommended videos, and other avenues of discovery of the video or channel, is not only wrong but is also likely illegal.
This practice allows YouTube to completely destroy a content creator’s ability to earn revenue from their work, and manipulation of their statistics allows YouTube to steal portions of the revenue that rightly belongs to the content creator.
This problem has gone on, unchecked for far too long, and has allowed the problem to grow into a robust effort to stifle, demonetize, and manipulate Conservative channels, and relegate them to obscurity through a wide variety of tactics. This effort becomes more organized, overt, and blatant every day. YouTube, and it’s parent company Google, must stop this abusive and unethical practice immediately.

We, the undersigned, hereby call on YouTube and it’s parent company, Google Inc., to eliminate the practice of manipulating any aspect of the statistics, discovery, subscribers, or any other aspect of Conservative content creators’ channels and videos in any way that may have a negative impact without first clearly stating the full nature of the manipulation, and the reasoning for performing the manipulation.

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