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1. Google Fiber in Carteret County North Carolina

Current ISP's provide unstable internet services with constant issues for consumers streaming media and online gaming. Today's internet is a technology that is behind for what customers need.
We need a faster and more reliable internet connection. Fiber internet has been a topic for years now and without very much success that has gone past "plans for the future".
The future is now and the technology is long overdue in busy smaller areas.
This petition is for Google Fiber to really step up on their service zone projects and expand to smaller cities AND rural areas.

Push states to install fiber optics. Please support our petition for Google Fiber AND the state of NC to push for this service.

2. Animal Abuse

As you read this, hundreds of mice, rats, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, monkeys, and other animals are dying in cruel and unnecessary medical and product-testing experiments. In fact, 219 animals are killed every minute in a U.S. lab. They die in pain, alone, without a gentle touch or a soothing voice. Animal studies teach us nothing about the health of humans because animals of different species absorb, metabolize, and eliminate substances differently than humans do. The truth is that testing on animals is bad science: It is unreliable and unnecessary.
You can keep the pressure on those responsible for these cruel tests by signing this petition and joining the thousands of caring consumers who refuse to purchase products from corporations that abuse and test on poor innocent animals!
We have confirmed L’Oréal tests on animals. Despite claims the company will be going “Cruelty Free” (no animal testing) in 2013, this information is based on their replacing animal testing with human testing. The reports do not yet state all animal testing is to be replaced, however. In any case, there is no evidence the company has ended or will end their animal testing.
Although animal testing of pharmaceuticals and certain chemicals is still mandated by law, the arguments against using animals in cosmetics testing are still valid when applied to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These industries are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, respectively, and it is the responsibility of the companies that kill animals in order to bring their products to market to convince the regulatory agencies that there is a better way to determine product safety. PETA is actively working on this front by funding development and validation of non-animal test methods and providing input through our involvement on government advisory committees at both the national and international levels. Companies often resist progress and, instead of using human-relevant non-animal tests, choose to use animal tests because their results can be manipulated. Please let companies know how you feel about this—consumers have considerable influence on company policy!
I have now added MORE companies to the list, that also seem to be in collaboration with L'Oreal, and are on the top list of companies still testing on animals. Let's be CRUELTY FREE RIGHT NOW! IT SHOULD NOT WAIT! Here is the official list of companies not only make up and fragrance companies, but also companies that make cleaning supplies (Lysol) also test on animals as well. BOYCOTT AND LETS STOP SUPPORTING THESE HEARTLESS PEOPLE.

3. Google must keep NIK collection for photography alive

Google received praise from photographers last year when it made its $150 Nik Collection of popular photo editing software 100% free. But alas, all good things come to an end: Google has quietly announced that it will be abandoning the Nik Collection from here on out.

The announcement was made through a simple banner message found on the Nik Collection homepage.

“The Nik Collection is free and compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 through 10.10; Windows Vista, 7, 8; and Adobe Photoshop through CC 2015,” Google writes. “We have no plans to update the Collection or add new features over time.”
Google originally acquired Nik Software back in 2012, bringing the Nik Collection and the popular photo editing app Snapseed into the fold. Snapseed had become one of the most popular photo editing apps in the iTunes App Store, and was perceived as a photo filter competitor to Instagram.

But things have been going to well for the Nik family of software. In 2013, Google announced that it was killing off Snapseed for Desktop. At around the same time, Google regained some goodwill when it dropped the price of the Nik Collection from its original cost of about $500 to $150.

Three years later, Google yanked that $150 price tag and made the software free. While many photographers lauded Google for the generous move, others wondered whether it was the beginning of the end for the popular collection of tools.
If you’re a fan of the Nik Collection, you’ll still be able to use the tools indefinitely for now, but there’s no guarantee that the software will be supported well by future versions of Photoshop, Mac OS, and Windows. But who knows — perhaps Google will decide to make the Nik Collection an open source project for independent developers to further develop and keep alive.

4. The Temple Mount Manifesto

Shockingly, every Israeli Government since 1967 has systemically denied the Jewish People of the right to pray and worship on the Temple Mount and Jews are routinely arrested and harassed for even attempting religious acts on the Mount. True, While Jews are allowed to visit the Mount 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, there are many restrictions.

This policy is in gross violation of Jewish and Democratic principles.

Copy&past the link below into your browser to read:
The TEMPLE MOUNT REPORT - The Denial of Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount.

5. School starting

That’s too early, Wheaton says. Tweens and teens are experiencing shifts in their natural sleep cycles. Their bodies’ inner “clocks” make it hard for them to go to bed before 10:30 or 11:00 p.m. But to get to school on time, they have to wake up as early as 5:30 a.m. A first school bell just after 8 a.m. slices into the 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep tweens and teens need to be healthy and perform at their best, she says. “We’re fighting biology.”

In fact, Alaska and North Dakota are the only states to have a majority of schools meet the school-start guidelines recently set by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This professional group includes more than 60,000 doctors who treat or study children. In 2014, the group recommended that middle and high schools start no earlier than 8:30 a.m.

In recent years, many parents have called for later start times in middle- and high-school, yet there has been little rigorous evidence to date directly linking school start times and academic performance. A new study finds that delaying middle-school start times by one hour, from roughly 7:30 to 8:30 a.m., would increase standardized math and reading scores by 2 to 3 percentile points. The effects are more than twice as large for students in the bottom third of test-scorers than for those in the top third, suggesting that later start times may be an especially relevant policy change for districts striving to close achievement gaps


6. Abolish CRA resolution

The S.J. Resolution 34 would permit any legal entity to purchase the web browser history of citizens from internet service providers. The American Citizens value their privacy and find it incredibly unconstitutional that their government would find it ethical/legal for anyone to purchase their internet activity. What a United States citizen does online, on their own time, is no business of the government, or anyone willing to pay a premium.

Furthermore, We all have all used the internet to determine if we or our loved ones should receive medical attention depending on the symptoms they may be exhibiting; and we find it highly unethical that anyone should be able to access our medical questions. We believe that if this bill is passed, there will be serious conflicts with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (aka HIPAA), which guarantees individuals confidentiality in regards to their health care.

The CRA's resolution is UN-American. We Americans find privacy one of the cornerstones of our great nation and we would be incredibly disappointed (especially during the election cycle) if this bill is approved in the house.

7. Songwriters to Big Tech: Stop Fighting Us in CRB

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) represents U.S. music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), is currently facing Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings that will determine how songwriters are paid for the next five years.

Songwriters must stand up to Big Tech and demand that they stop fighting to pay even lower royalties to the music creators who fuel their businesses. We must unite our voices by signing on to this letter.

8. Life's not so Good with LG Electronics

I bought a bluetooth headset and it broke in less than a year. LG will not repair it under it's warranty. I have battled for over 2 months with their company about getting my device repaired. I paid $170.00 for a defective device and I feel scammed.

This is not the first bad encounter I have had with this company's product. Hundreds or even thousands of consumers across the United States have been burned by this company. The customer service is horrible. The supervisors say there is no higher chain in command for customers to speak to. There are no records of information for their corporate headquarters.

Something must be done about this company and their management services. There are hundreds of complaints online and I am not the only one who has had probles with this company. They refuse to answer any questons over the customer service line. I beleive as a consumer that a company should stand by it's product and it's warranty. If i am purchasing this product in the USA , why am I dealing with a customer service representitive supervisor from the Phillipines? It makes no sense.

9. Petition To Support America's 45th President, Donald Trump

Petition To Support America's 45th President, Donald Trump.

Let's tell the electors that we have a voice and we voted for Donald Trump to be the next president.

Make America Great Again!

10. Place Doctors to Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is expecting 10 doctors to locate to this area. They are opening practice over the province and Glace Bay is not expecting any new doctors.

Some family doctors have re-located away from Glace Bay over the past few years, leaving patients with no one to care for their needs on a regular basis and people having to visit hospitals with no regular doctor to assist with health matters.

Some doctors in the area wish to retire but cannot due to knowing that their patients will be without a doctor and wants to ensure they are being taking care of.

11. Stop Manipulation of the Population by Mainstream Media and other news groups

What is Selective Media? News and Media in today’s society don’t portray everything that occurs with equal coverage.

For example, a lot of news and media don’t show to the audience all of the deaths of American soldiers or civilians that are being killed. News stations try to avoid these events by showing the audience other news that don’t have to do with the war that is currently going on in today’s world.

During a study that looked at how different races/ethnicities were broadcasted at sports events such as the Olympics, Asian athletes were depicted by the commentators by cultural stereotypes.

For the 1993 World University Games, a white commentator guided the viewers throughout the whole thing, rather than having racial equality on the broadcast.

These are some examples of how media and news are sometimes racially unequal at sport events such as the Olympics.


I am Always being Charge Unnecessary monies at the Ghana Customs or the Post Office(ACCRA -circle BRANCH), any time my family can pick up their packages.

13. Facebook erroneously Disabled Johnny Pisano's Facebook

New Like Page. Please join :

Johnny Pisano is a bass player for the Willie Nile Band @ he has a large Fan base and is one of the kindest persons I know. He also does acting in many film on TV and movies under director Martin Scorsese.

Facebook for no reason disabled his Facebook page saying it was for safety and security reason and their decision is final. This is so unfair and there is no way to reach them to say this was a big mistake and not true.

14. Stop Miiverse redesign

I thank anyone who is advertising this petition especially dilpy my bff.

15. #LG #Google Replace the #Nexus5 handsets or Pay for the repair.

I had purchased LG-D821, Black, 16GB Google Nexus 5 phone on 13.02.2014 from Doha, Qatar for QAR 1999.00. I was really happy with it for the first 13 months, but after the Lollipop update it started showing issues like camera crashing and phone restarting.

As, these problems were not bothering me much, so I neglected, then one day my phone automatically got switched off by itself then started to reboot again and again. Then, somehow I was able to start it but whenever I used to click on power button, powers off option used to come and no matter wherever I click, it used to turnoff by itself and starts again. I checked this problem on Google product forum, where they said that I should clear the cache partition. I somehow tried to access the back end menu and cleared cache, but it didn’t solve the problem.

And this issue is not just with me but with so many people around the world. As same problem is faced by so many at the same time, there is something wrong with the lollipop update which has led to this situation. It's been a month that my phone is almost dead. LG service center people said that they have to replace the mother board that will cost around 900.00QR, they can't even repair it. But no information is being provided to me that why this happened. The worse is that I have not dropped it somewhere or in water that such issues arrive out of nowhere. And so, what is the guarantee that this problem will not occur again as the reason cannot be found. Plus, since it’s not my fault, why am I being told to pay for mother board after a year of service. I wonder the phones you make can’t even sustain properly for a year? This is disgusting and shocking for me since I was in love with this phone and now I have to deal with this bad service.
There are so many forums online based on the same problem, but till now LG or Google nobody is taking any sort of responsibility.

Why should the customer suffer, when there is problem at their end? I have complained to LG many times, but they are not even ready to listen as the warranty period is over.

So, this is an issue which is significant and can happen with you also. I just want some support from all of you as even after warranty if something is happening because of faulty updates from the company’s end, then company should take responsibility and should solve this.

Go to the following forums and links, you will know how big this problem is..!topic/nexus/SLAF_OA5TxI!msg/nexus/ouJO4h67Gzw/0uXnvcCIBHwJ!category-topic/nexus/1H6ZiIMYrtw!topic/nexus/IJSOuc7gw0w!topic/nexus/uApqqnDpOKk

We can’t give them opportunity to exploit us and make us to pay such a huge amount.

We have to take a stand. KINDLY SUPPORT.

16. Aisles in stores should identify foods that are made in China or other countries

We are being poisoned by many items from China. Our greedy businesses in the US are selling their businesses to China. Smithfield Farms the largest pork producing farm in the US was sold to China in September. The hogs will still be raised here but slaughtered and packaged in China and sent back here for sale. This also includes many chickens. Also Starfish Tuna from Korea, this also includes many fish that are fed raw sewage.

The FDA is not doing their job by letting asia not only kill our animals but are also poisoning American taxpayers. I believe we have the right to decide what to buy and from where. I do not want to purchase FOOD FROM CHINA OR OTHER ASIAN COUNTRIES. Please read the labels carefully. They say packaged in the US but in very small words they will say made in CHINA. Google has several items about this please check on it.

Stop letting these countries poison us with these lousy and very bad foods.
I have a copy of these items sent to me which contains a lot more garbage coming to us from China I will forward it to anyone that wants it.

E-mail me at

17. Bring Google Fiber to Augusta

For too long we have been held back by the monolpoly of Comcast and their sub-par performance and customer service. Unscheduled outages, low speed peak traffic hours, and overpriced internet are a thing of the past. Google Fiber is launching, and they are coming out fast.

We deserve internet speeds that can support our ever growing technological lives. Many people pay $70 to $80 for internet speeds that are promised to reach "up to 50 Mbps", but those speeds are far and few between and intermittent at best. Google Fiber is $100/month and can take care of all of your home networking needs. Your television streaming eliminates the need for cable or satellite services.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone services eliminate the need for ATT, Comcast, and other telephone providers. With Google Fiber, all of those needs are not only satisfied, but the expectations are well exceded. With speeds of 1 Gbps (that's 1000 Mbps; more than 20x's faster than the fastest internet you can purchase today) for only $100, you can eliminate the need for those other bills.

It becomes infinitly easier to stream your television shows, surf the web, download music, upload pictures, and more. That 1 Gbps speed is not only the download speed, but it is the upload speed as well. Compare that to the 15 Mbps that you may be getting now, and it becomes clear that this is a technology that we need in the this rapidly expanding economy. Sign the petition, and lets get the internet speeds and freedom that we deserve.

18. Bandai please an 8 inch tall King Ceasar Final Wars

We need Bandai to make an 8 inch tall Vinyl figure of King Ceasar from Godzilla Final Wars. We have so many Showa King Ceasar toys already and there is only one Mellinium King Ceasar toy that is only 3 inch tall, we need an 8 inch tall Mellinium King Ceasar.

Some of you may like the Showa version better but it would be nice to have a Mellinium version too. Plus, I think both the Showa and Mellinium version are equally great it's just getting old now we need something new here. So I say we convince Bandai to make an 8 inch tall King Ceasar from Godzilla Final Wars, Remember this is what he looks like in Godzilla Final Wars.

Let's make sure Bandai makes his arms, legs, and ears moveable as well. If I could get at least hundreds of fans to sign this petition that would be great, and then we could pass this info on to Bandai, and then they can make the 8 inch tall King Ceasar Final Wars Vinyl figure.

So I am hoping that at least hundreds of fans can sign this, and of course I already have a couple fans who agree with me and think it is a great idea to have a Mellenium King Ceasar action figure.

19. Stop Ebola Now - Wake Up Australia


The worlds' most volatile disease is a global emergency and is not confined to African nations. This is no joke.

•The Spanish Flu killed 100 million people and had a fatality rate of 2.5%
•This nasty virus kills 25-90% infected and killed 52 humans in 2 days
•Ebola has a 2-21 day incubation period so people are like bombs; unaware they're contagious until it's too late so checking people's temperature at airports is useless
•Every Ebola patient passes the virus onto 2.5 others
•Many affected countries have run out of living doctors to fight the outbreak
•Hospitals and pharmacies closed on Tuesday 12th August as Sierra Leoneans panic
•If this epidemic remains "OUT OF CONTROL" in 2-3 months time 50,000 people will have the worlds' most gruesome virus and in 6 months,


We need to get our government to help those who can't help themselves.
This is an emergency. Liberia and Sierra Leone are some of the world's poorest countries due to war, normally without a crisis people fight for survival. Now their governments have stopped people from leaving their homes for 3-4 weeks WITHOUT GIVING THEM FOOD!! WHERE ARE YOU, MR. ABBOTT? We pay our taxes and are Australian citizens and you're allowing our family to suffer like this during an International Emergency. Keep in mind that there's hundreds of thousands of Africans here.

Sierra Leoneans from Sydney told me this catastrophy is worse than the 10 year "Blood Diamond" war because they said "You could tell where the rebels were and avoided them. With Ebola, a family member or local GP could kill them." That's if they have any relatives left after the brutal war or can afford a GP at all due to the aftermath. Many West African Australians have lost several family members due to Ebola and are worried about their families back home, suffering from stress, fear and high blood pressure. Now family members are going hungry adding to the pressure.

WE MUST STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION and be the voice for those in West Africa.
Our government is silent, sitting idle while Australian citizens' family members are dying. Let's be honest, if their relatives were English, our government would support them fully. I am disappointed in our government for displaying racism in this manner. Instead, we're searching for dead body parts of Australians from plane crashes and diverting attention away from the fact that this plague like virus is killing innocent people and it's an insult to remain silent. How dare we make other Australians feel like second class citizens- shame on us! How dare we discriminate. Inaction speaks louder than words. These people have gone through unfathomable situations and what, because they have African roots we brush our hands? Ebola is in Australia- scientists are studying it here but where are we helping the innocent people isolated in West Africa in the midst of this!!!!

We seem to be very focused on ourselves. The Chinese government gave medical supplies, the US and UK did too. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!! Please send emergency food drops to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. These are INNOCENT PEOPLE and IF OUR AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING, BLOOD IS OR THEIR HANDS!

With your signature, we will save the lives of MANY WITHOUT A VOICE.

20. Bring Google Fiber to Brookhaven, Georgia

Google recently announced its intention to expand its Google Fiber network in the United States. Of the countless cities in the United States, our own City of Brookhaven was selected as a target for possible expansion.

From the Google Fiber info page:

At up to 1,000 Mbps, Google Fiber is 100 times faster than today's basic broadband, allowing you to get what you want instantaneously. You no longer have to wait on things buffering; everything will be ready to go when you are. So whether you are video chatting, uploading family videos, or playing your favorite online games, all you need to do is click and you're there.

But it is not only internet that Google Fiber brings; it also has a full complement of cable TV channels. In fact, over 150 channels are included in the Gigabit + TV package. If you don't care for cable television, you can opt for the Gigabit Internet package. And if you don't care for gigabit internet speeds at all, you can opt for the Free Internet package, which charges a one-time fee for installation only.

As an economic boost, cities that have Google Fiber have seen an increase in capital investment as companies who rely on the internet and on internet speed are quick to stat businesses in a municipality that has Fiber. Kansas City is one such notable example, to which it now calls itself "Silicon Prairie."

In order to bring Fiber to Brookhaven, Google is asking cities: (1) to ensure that Google, and other providers, can access and lease existing infrastructure; (2) to provide accurate information about local infrastructure like utility poles, conduit and existing water, gas and electricity lines; and (3) to make sure they have permit processes suitable for a project of this scale.

21. How High 2

I have asked this question on Facebook and other social sites about the making of How High 2, and alot of people would love to see it. On Metacritic it recieved 8.4 out of 10 and on Amazon 4 out of 5 stars.

The only thing holding up the making of the movie is Universal Pictures owns the rights, if you guys dont want to take part in the making of the movie then at least release the rights so the movie can be filmed.

People at TMZ have asked about this also, also recieved 4.8 out of 5 stars.

22. Smooth out Android!

Most Android user may be familiar with a certain issue that creates lags even when using a high end smartphone or tablet.

An article published by the website "Redmond Pie" on the December 6th,2011, describes this problem.

Googles attempts on "smoothing out" their operating system's user interface (e.g. project butter and hardware acceleration) are noticable.

But when it comes to the smoothness of the UI, Google is still behind their competitors.

Especially when you compare the processing power that is needed in order to get and maintain a feeling similar to the one of iOS or Windows Phone.

Details about this problem can be found in the article mentioned before.

Is there a solution for this problem? We think there is. It might not be an easy one but it is there. Google should definitely question some of their decissions and think about what costumers really want.

As a result of reprogramming Android, all applications would have to undergo a similar process. (This problem however,could be solved with a compatibility mode).

Isn't it necessary to eliminate those last big issues that bother android users? We think it is.

Now that other companies catch up with a lot of features that have always been only available for android, they are getting closer and closer to the typical Android feeling most of us appreciate.

What if they someday get on the same level but without having to cope with a laggy OS or other performance issues?


Wer ein Android-Smartphone oder Tablet besitzt, wird das Ruckeln kennen. Ein vor längerer Zeit veröffentlichter Artikel klärt auf wieso, dass der Fall ist.

Ein Artikel, vom 06.12.2011, beschreibt genaue Details zu diesem Problem.

Googles Ausweichpläne um das Ruckeln herunterzuspielen und nach Möglichkeit zu beseitigen, haben sich, wovon die neusten Modelle zeugen, als ineffizient erwiesen (Project Butter, Hardware Beschleunigung).

Eine Entwicklerin hat darauf aufmerksam gemacht was das Problem ist (im oberen Artikel genau nachzulesen).

Man kann nicht sagen, dass es eine einfach Lösung dafür gibt, aber es gibt eine. Daher stelle ich mir die Frage, wenn es eine perfekte Lösung gibt, wieso ergreift man sie nicht, auch wenn es kompliziert ist?

Das Resultat wäre, dass für den Moment zwar alle Apps inkompatibel werden würden (was durch einen Kompatibilitätsmodus umgangen werden kann),

Doch ist es für den Fortbestand des Android OS als Konkurrenzfähiges Betriebssystem nicht notwendig die Fehler auszubessern?

Insofern andere Betriebssysteme auch immer ähnlicher werden, welche diesen Fehler nicht haben.

23. Amend Moose license application regulations in New Brunswick

Mr. Northrup, it is time to make changes to the regulations regarding the application process to obtain a moose license.

We believe that if you do not fall under the Grandfather law that you should need to input your Possession & Acquisition license number when applying NOT your medicare number.

This would not only increase the legitimate hunters chance in the lottery pool but decrease the amount of un-experienced hunters in the woods.

To recover the loss of revenue from the applications that would no longer be submitted, we would agree to a hike in the cost of application.

24. Do not execute four Ahwazi Arabs from Falahiya (Shadegan)

Iran continues to violate human rights against its Arabs citizens as it seven cultural activists from Ahwaz in southern Iran face the death penalty since September 2012 (case no. 901043630040079).

The Judicial Council in Iran has approved the death sentence issued by the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz against four Arab prisoners from Falahiya (Shadegan). The ratification of death sentence has signed by the Judge Reza Faraj Ulahi, the head division 32 of the Iranian Supreme Judicial Court in Tehran and advisor Sayed Ali Asghar Latifi Roustami on13th February 2013 and families of the prisoners have been informed on 13th of July 2013.

The four Ahwaz Arab prisoners named as follow:
Ghazi Abbasi (D.O.B 1982), Jassim Mughadem Payam (D.O.B 1985) , Abdulameer Majdami (D.O.B 1980 ) and Abdulreda Ameer Khanafra (D.O.B 1987) were all arrested in 2009 based on unpublished Iranian Intelligence reports according to which the activists are ‘waging war against God and spreading corruption’. The other three, namely Hadi Albokhanfer Nejad, Shehab Abbasi and Sami Jedmawi Nejad are imprisoned for over 3 years and had recently been expelled to Ardebil prison.

The former four activists had recently leaked a letter to their families from the inside of Iranian Intelligence prisons calling for help as they are facing both physical and psychological torture on the hands of the Iranian government. According to an official weapons expert (Ali Metri) who was responsible for the prisoners’ case, no bullets were aimed in or at any government institutions and/or its employees and the activists had murdered no one whatsoever. The Iranian regime disregarded Metri’s report and assigned another expert to condemn the activists and justify the sentence.

International organizations at many occasions had condemned the execution of Ahwazi Arabs in Iran, an oppressed and systematically cleansed minority that constitutes the vast majority of Ahwaz province population in the eastern Gulf coast. Iran never listened, and never showed mercy to its Arab citizens and continued to execute activists one after another. It is time to take collective action and condemn Iran firmly and loudly with faith that the world’s cries will be heard this time, and the activists will return to their families safe and sound.

We urge your respectful organization to condemn and help save the innocent activists whom only crime was communicating with the outside world about the torture and oppression their people face in Iran everyday.

Yours truly,
European Ahwazi Human Rights Organization






26. Facebook: Stop Blocking us from sending friend requests

I started this petition because I am sick of facebook blocking me from sending friends requests. Sometimes I get blocked even if I haven't sent any requests.

How are we supposed to become friends with someone or even get to know them if we get blocked from sending friends requests to people we don't know?! That's the point to becoming friends, send a request!

27. Have Google, Inc to remove hate sites and false info about people from their search engines

Since the invention of engine searches and the internet, suicides and violence has escalated due to people writing false information about innocent people on the internet.

For proof- please do research on all the cases of cyber bullying. Suicides have gone through the roof because Google hasn't done enough to protect the public.

Something needs to be done before more lives are destroyed.

28. Justice for Honey

Vanessa Marie (honey) Malone was killed in a complex in stone mountain ga where she was the only one killed she was so called the only person killed when there were more people in the apartment the people in the apartment were never sought out as suspects they were never questioned in this killing and they were allowed to leave.....

When they were approached by others their stories changed so many times. I would like the case to be re- investigated by higher authorities like the GBI THEY WERE NEVER ASKED BY DEKALB COUNTY we need you in our government to help the mother of this beautiful angel have peace in their lives.

29. We All Know Vahid Online

After the presidential elections of 2009 in Iran, news and information were affected by heavy censorship. Meanwhile, different people and media tried to cover the news.

One of the most reliable sources who was active before the election time and still is concentrating on informing people was Vahid Online who was/is active in sites such as Google reader, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Last year, Google closed his google account according to its pseudonymous rules. After that, he is working with the name Vahid HT and asks Google to get his Vahid Online account back and to be allowed to change Vahid HT into Vahid Online.

کشور ایران، بعد از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری سال 2009 میلادی دچار سانسور شدید خبری و اطلاعاتی شد. در این میان، افراد و رسانه های مختلف سعی بر پوشش و ارسال اخبار در شبکه های مختلف اجتماعی اینترنتی داشتند. یکی از موجه ترین و معتبر ترین گزینه های دریافت اخبار که از زمان قبل از انتخابات شروع به کار کرده بود و تا امروز همچنان مشغول خبررسانی است، فردی است که با اسم وحید آنلاین، در سایت های گوگل ریدر، فیس بوک، توئیتر، فرند فید، اینساگرام و غیره فعالیت می کرد
شرکت گوگل، سال گذشته برابر با قوانین مبارزه با شخصیت های مجازی اش، پروفایل و دسترسی ایشان را به سرویس های گوگل قطع کرد. پس از آن، ایشان با اسم وحید اچ تی در سرویس های گوگل فعالیت می کند و با توجه به اینکه در بقیه ی سرویس های اینترنتی که نام برده شد، همچنان اسم وحید آنلاین موجود و فعال است، مقتضی است شرکت گوگل با برگشتن نام وحید آنلاین موافقت کرده و پروفایل وحید اچ تی را به وحید آنلاین تغییر دهد.

30. Directe democratie

In België betalen we te veel belastingen en zijn we bovendien nog niet goed geregeerd. We hebben nood aan een sterke federale staat. Te veel belastingen dood de economie van het land. Laten we de kosten besparen op zaken die we kunnen veranderen zonder moeite