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Hard working tax-payer dollars are currently being utlilized to fund the Virginia judiciary's pre-trial release/community corrections programs and citizens do not even realize that this state budget expenditure is going on.

State funding of pre-trial release programs is a unnecessary wasteful useless unsuccessful scourge and burden on the already slim and shrinking state budget in these tough economic times when there are existing viable alternatives.

Defendants currently charged with a criminal offense are being duped,forced and coerced into participating in this pre-trial release fiasco unknowing that they are now committing themselves even deeper into the state judiciary's grasp.

WE, the undersigned, call on the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the honorable Tim Kaine, to stop signing budgetary bill extension legislation pertaining to pre-trial release/community corrections programs, and thus dis-continuing this wasteful judiciary funding.

On behalf of the citizens residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia let our signature's be written, attested and counted, let it be done....

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