#Civil Rights

The ruthless killing of innocent Tamils by Lankan military and police should come to an end in Eelam. The Lankan military should face LTTE as their opponents not the Tamil race as a whole. Civilian killings should be ended soon.

It is ridiculous to call LTTE as terrorists. Does a terrorist group has uniformed militia anywhere? Does a terrorist group hold talks with amnesty and red cross? Does a terrorist group run administrative bodies and police station? Does a terrorist group fight against inhuman laws of a constitution? Does a terrorist group ban alcohol, smoking and drugs among its members?

An ignorant international community should stop heeding to undemocratically censored editions of Lankan media. If East Timor and Palestine are supported by the international community then why not Eelam?

The planned atrocities and massive genocide executed gradually with a view to exterminate the Tamil race from Lankan soil should come to an end soon. The 6th amendment in Lankan constituition which denies basic human rights of expression should be condemned by Global Organisations.

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