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The March 30, 2018 copy of the MSU (Montana State University) Exponent contains an obscene depiction of Jesus Christ suggestively looking at the reader while flashing a butt cheek toward the reader. Furthermore, this was published three days before Easter. Most if not all of the major world religions would find a depiction of their spiritual leader/savior/god/prophet in this position extremely offensive.

The MSU Exponent is paid for by mandatory student fees required of every undergraduate student that attends Montana State University. There is no opt-out option of this fee, meaning all students paid it. This means even students who strongly believe and place faith in Jesus Christ paid to have this lewd image produced and distributed to the public. The Exponent needs to be made aware that although it is a newspaper, it is a student newspaper funded by students and that those students will not support the mocking of any students' religious beliefs through the use of mandatory student fees in any capacity. 

The article in question can be found in the 3/29/2018 MSU Exponent. While the article may be intended as satire, that does not excuse the paper from taking responsibility for its extremely offensive content, as they attempted to avoid by not publishing the name of the author of the article. Anything you wish to say to the Exponent should be given as a comment.

We, the undersigned hereby express to the MSU Exponent that we strongly disapprove of and oppose the use of mandatory student fees to mock the religious beliefs of students.

Given that the Exponent is funded by mandatory student fees, and that the obscene depiction of Jesus Christ would logically be considered disgusting regardless of the religious figure presented, the student funded MSU Exponent should not have published and should apologize for the distasteful portrayal of a religious leader.

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